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Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within composite phase change

Shape-stable composite phase change materials encapsulated by bio-based balsa wood for thermal energy storage

Improvement in thermal properties of PCM/Expanded vermiculite/expanded graphite shape stabilized composite PCM for building energy applications

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within phase change material

Sepiolite Nanocarriers as a Matrix for Controlled Thermal Energy Storage

High Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity, Long Durability Form-Stable Phase Change Composite Enhanced by a Carbon Fiber Network Structure

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within stable phase change

Flame-retardant and form-stable phase change composites based on MXene with high thermostability and thermal conductivity for thermal energy storage

Preparation, characterization and performance of paraffin/sepiolite composites as novel shape-stabilized phase change materials for thermal energy storage

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Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within transmission electron microscopy

Preparation and inhibition behavior of Fe3O4/MBT nanocomposite inhibitor for mild steel in NaCl solution

Freezing-induced loading of Au nanoparticles into halloysite nanotubes

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within thermal energy storage

Biomass-based shape-stabilized phase change materials from artificially cultured ship-shaped diatom frustules with high enthalpy for thermal energy storage

Development of a novel alkali-activated slag-based composite containing paraffin/ceramsite shape stabilized phase change material for thermal energy storage

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within Simple Vacuum Impregnation

Design and Construction of Photochromic and Antileakage Reinforced Wood-Based Cellulose Microframework/Hexadecanol-Coconut Oil Composite Phase Change Material.

Multifunctional HDPE/CNTs/PW composite phase change materials with excellent thermal and electrical conductivities

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within Step Vacuum Impregnation

Polyimide-based graphene composite foams with hierarchical impedance gradient for efficient electromagnetic absorption

Three-dimensional ordered hollow sphere composite Pt/TiO2-ZrO2: enhanced performance of photocatalytic degradation and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within Standard Vacuum Impregnation

Fortification of raw rice and rice flour using Cissus quadrangularis L. (veldt grape) stem powder to overcome osteoporosis and its associated skeletal complication through staple diet.

Using statistically designed experiment to optimize vacuum-assisted post-processing of binder jetted specimens

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within After Vacuum Impregnation

Nano-cellulose doping to improve the electrical properties of insulating paper under thermal aging

Enhanced thermal conductivity of composite phase change materials based on carbon modified expanded perlite

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within vacuum impregnation method

Bio-Polyurethane Resins Derived from Liquid Fractions of Lignin for the Modification of Ramie Fibers

Form-stable paraffin/rice straw/polyvinyl alcohol composite phase change material for thermal energy storage

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within vacuum impregnation technique

Investigation of Phase Change Material Integrated With High Thermal Conductive Carbon Foam Inside Heat Sinks for Thermal Management of Electronic Components

From biorefinery of microalgal biomass to vacuum impregnation of fruit. A multidisciplinary strategy to develop innovative food with increased nutritional properties

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within vacuum impregnation proces

Optimization of a Cryogen-Free Superconducting Prototype Generator With YBCO Field Windings

Enhanced thermal properties of stearic acid/carbonized maize straw composite phase change material for thermal energy storage in buildings

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within vacuum impregnation followed

Enhanced adsorption and separation of gallium using silica-based P507-TBP/SiO2–P adsorbent from sulfuric acid solution

Development of a new vacuum impregnation method at room atmosphere to produce silver–copper oxide nanoparticles on activated carbon for antibacterial applications

Vacuum Impregnation sentence examples within vacuum impregnation strategy

Efficient Shape-Stabilized Phase-Change Material Based on Novel Mesoporous Carbon Microspheres as a Matrix for Polyethylene Glycol: Preparation and Thermal Properties

A Facile and Simple Method for Preparation of Novel High-Efficient Form-Stable Phase Change Materials Using Biomimetic–Synthetic Polydopamine Microspheres as a Matrix for Thermal Energy Storage

Potential Use of Vacuum Impregnation and High-Pressure Homogenization to Obtain Functional Products from Lulo Fruit (Solanum quitoense Lam.)

Ultrasound-Assisted Vacuum Impregnation as a Strategy for the Management of Potato By-Products

Mechanical and thermal characterizations of various thermal energy storage concretes including low-cost bio-sourced PCM

Lightweight and elastic wood-derived composites for pressure sensing and electromagnetic interference shielding

Bubble-templated Construction of Three-dimensional Ceramic Network for Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Silicone Rubber Composites

PCL-Coated Multi-Substituted Calcium Phosphate Bone Scaffolds with Enhanced Properties

Combined Use of Blanching and Vacuum Impregnation with Trehalose and Green Tea Extract as Pre-treatment to Improve the Quality and Stability of Frozen Carrots

Impact of Various Vacuum Impregnation Methods on Viability of Cereal Grains

Catalytic self-activation of Ca-doped coconut shell for in-situ synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon supported CaO transesterification catalyst

Physicochemical and Quality Properties of Dried Courgette Slices: Impact of Vacuum Impregnation and Drying Methods

[email protected] alcohol foam-Supported Phase Change Materials with Simultaneous Enhanced Thermal Conductivity and Solar-Thermal Conversion Performance


Combined hurdle effects of pulsed electric field and vacuum impregnation of Chamuang leaf extract on quality and shelf-life of Pacific white shrimp subjected to high voltage cold atmospheric plasma

Spider Web-Inspired Graphene Skeleton-Based High Thermal Conductivity Phase Change Nanocomposites for Battery Thermal Management

Effect of ultrasonication and vacuum impregnation pretreatments on the quality of beef marinated in onion juice a natural meat tenderizer.

N-eicosane/multilayer graphene composite phase change materials for electro-thermal conversion and storage

Influence of Drying Methods and Vacuum Impregnation on Selected Quality Factors of Dried Sweet Potato

Dry tribological performance of nanostructured 2D turbostratic graphite particles derived from boron and chromium carbides

Developing Baking-Stable Red Raspberries with Improved Mechanical Properties and Reduced Syneresis

Thermal radiation shielded, high strength, fire resistant fiber/nanorod/aerogel composites fabricated by in-situ growth of TiO2 nanorods for thermal insulation

Elevation of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and essential amino acids in vacuum impregnation mediated germinated rice traced by MALDI imaging.

Lightweight, Flexible Cellulose-Derived Carbon [email protected] Graphene Oxide/PDMS Composites with Outstanding EMI Shielding Performances and Excellent Thermal Conductivities

Fast Preparation of High-Performance Wood Materials Assisted by Ultrasonic and Vacuum Impregnation

Porous reticular CuO/ZnO/CeO2/ZrO2 catalyst derived from polyacrylic acid hydrogel system on Al2O3 foam ceramic support for methanol steam reforming microreactor

Mass Transfer Behavior During Osmotic Dehydration and Vacuum Impregnation of “Phulae” Pineapple and the Effects on Dried Fruit Quality

Enrichment of sliced apple fruit with Bacillus coagulans

Effect of vacuum impregnated fish gelatin and grape seed extract on moisture state, microbiota composition, and quality of chilled seabass fillets.

Facile synthesis, mechanical toughening, low thermal conductivity and fire-retardant of lightweight quartz fiber reinforced polymer nanocomposites

Sustainable Development of Apple Snack Formulated with Blueberry Juice and Trehalose

Impact of pulsed electric field and vacuum impregnation with Chamuang leaf extract on quality changes in Pacific white shrimp packaged under modified atmosphere


Effect of the antifreeze protein on the microstructure of strawberries (Fragaria ananassa Duch)

Influence of epoxy resin on the microstructure and cavitation erosion of as-sprayed 8YSZ coating

Studies on the Effect of Mass Transfer in Vacuum Impregnation on the Bioactive Potential of Apples

Effects of aligned carbon nanotube microcolumns on mechanical and thermal properties of C/SiC composites prepared by LA-CVI methods

Effect of different grape residues polyphenols impregnation techniques in mango

Durable lubricant-infused anodic aluminum oxide surfaces with high-aspect-ratio nanochannels

Temperature-controlling system for fresh produce during distribution and transportation

From pomegranate marcs to a potential bioactive ingredient: a recycling proposal for pomegranate-squeezed marcs

Interaction between HAP and Surfaces with Different Structures as an Important Field of Surface Engineering

Effect of vacuum impregnation of red sea bream (Pagrosomus major) with herring AFP combined with [email protected] nanoparticles during freeze-thaw cycles.

Probiotic survival and in vitro digestion of L. salivarius spp. salivarius encapsulated by high homogenization pressures and incorporated into a fruit matrix

Vacuum impregnation and drying of iron‐fortified water chestnuts

Evaluation of vacuum impregnation as a novel approach for soaking of fried Gulabjamun balls

Vertically aligned carbon fibers as supporting scaffolds for phase change composites with anisotropic thermal conductivity and good shape stability

A new flexible and ultralight carbon foam/Ti3C2TX MXene hybrid for high-performance electromagnetic wave absorption

Super-elastic carbon-bonded carbon fibre composites impregnated with carbon aerogel for high-temperature thermal insulation

Resistance improvement of rubberwood treated with zinc oxide nanoparticles and phenolic resin against white-rot fungi, Pycnoporus sanguineus.

Coral reef-like Pt/TiO2-ZrO2 porous composites for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production performance

Bio-mineralized self-healing recycled aggregate concrete for sustainable infrastructure.

Inhalation and dermal exposure of workers during timber impregnation with creosote and subsequent processing of impregnated wood.

Fabrication and Properties of Three-dimensional Braided Carbon Fiber Reinforced SiOa-rich Mullite Composites

Three-dimensionally ordered hollow sphere array Pt/In2O3–TiO2 with improved photocatalytic efficiency

Microstructure and mechanical properties of carbon fiber needled felt reinforced sol-derived YAG composite

Vacuum impregnation of fish gelatin combined with grape seed extract inhibits protein oxidation and degradation of chilled tilapia fillets.

Vacuum Intensification of Filling Defects with Penetrants under Liquid-Penetrant Testing

Preparation of higher alcohols by biomass-based syngas from wheat straw over CoCuK/ZrO2-SiO2 catalyst

Influence of surface microstructure on tribological properties of PEO-PTFE coating formed on aluminum alloy

Fortified apple (Malus spp., var. Fuji) snacks by vacuum impregnation of calcium lactate and convective drying

Enhanced Asian sea bass skin defatting using porcine lipase with the aid of pulsed electric field pretreatment and vacuum impregnation

Oil–free potato chips produced by microwave multiflash drying

Synthesis and anisotropic properties of alumina-silica aerogels constructed by silica sols infiltrated into unidirectional frozen alumina templates

Influence of vacuum impregnation pretreatment combined with IR drying on quince quality with shrinkage modeling by ANN

Drying kinetics modeling of apple and zucchini slices vacuum impregnated with anthocyanins.

Application of pulsed-vacuum on the salt impregnation process of pirarucu fillet.

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Modification of mesoporous silica with phosphotungstic acid and its effects on the combustion and thermal behavior of polylactic acid composites

Melamine Foam-Supported Form-Stable Phase Change Materials with Simultaneous Thermal Energy Storage and Shape Memory Properties for Thermal Management of Electronic Devices.

Potato snacks added with active components: effects of the vacuum impregnation and drying processes

Investigation of glycerol-Ni(NO3)26H2O /perlite composites as form stable phase change materials

Essential rosemary oil enrichment of minimally processed potatoes by vacuum-impregnation

Impregnación a Vacío de Matrices de Cidra con Pulpa de Lulo, Inulina y Calcio para Potenciar sus Características Funcionales

Application of pulsed-vacuum on the salt impregnation process of pirarucu fillet.

Vacuum Impregnation 진공 함침

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