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User Intention sentence examples within adopt internet banking

Integration of unified theory of acceptance and use of technology in internet banking adoption setting: Evidence from Pakistan

Integration of UTAUT model in internet banking adoption context: The mediating role of performance expectancy and effort expectancy

User Intention sentence examples within Influence User Intention

Antecedents of Social Commerce Adoption in Developing Countries

Why do people want to use location-based application for emergency situations? The extension of UTAUT perspectives

User Intention sentence examples within Predicting User Intention

Human-Robot Interaction With Robust Prediction of Movement Intention Surpasses Manual Control

Prediction of User Intentions Using Web History

User Intention sentence examples within Affect User Intention

Perceived Risk and Trust in Adoption E-Wallet: The Role of Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use

Reputation, familiarity and use intention for e-payment services: a comparison of pure-play and click-and-mortar e-payment services

User Intention sentence examples within Recognize User Intention

Design and Implementation of BCI-Based Intelligent Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot System

Enhancing P300 based character recognition performance using a combination of ensemble classifiers and a fuzzy fusion method

User Intention sentence examples within Different User Intention

To See or Not to See

Gyroscope-Based Continuous Human Hand Gesture Recognition for Multi-Modal Wearable Input Device for Human Machine Interaction

User Intention sentence examples within Impact User Intention

Telepresence and Interactivity in Mobile Learning System: Its Relation with Open Innovation

Why we migrate in the virtual world: factors affecting switching intentions in SNS

User Intention sentence examples within Predict User Intention

Offline and Real-Time Implementation of a Personalized Wheelchair User Intention Detection Pipeline: A Case Study*

A Situational Analytic Method for User Behavior Pattern in Multimedia Social Networks

User Intention sentence examples within Understanding User Intention

Towards Discriminative Representation Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition

Exploring Surgeon’s Acceptance of Virtual Reality Headset for Training

User Intention sentence examples within Implicit User Intention

Designing a User-Centred and Data-Driven Controller for Pushrim-Activated Power-Assisted Wheels: A Case Study

Semantic Retrieval Based on User Intention Recognition in Engineering Domain

User Intention sentence examples within Detecting User Intention

Modeling knowledge and functional intent for context-aware pragmatic analysis

Assistive Robotic Arm Control based on Brain-Machine Interface with Vision Guidance using Convolution Neural Network

User Intention sentence examples within Consider User Intention

Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services: 10th EAI International Conference, MobiCASE 2019, Hangzhou, China, June 14–15, 2019, Proceedings

A Location and Intention Oriented Recommendation Method for Accuracy Enhancement over Big Data

User Intention sentence examples within Perceive User Intention

Eyes are faster than hands: A soft wearable robot learns user intention from the egocentric view

Research on trend prediction of internet user intention understanding and public intelligence mining based on fractional differential method

User Intention sentence examples within Detect User Intention

Combination of Natural Language Understanding and Reinforcement Learning for Booking Bot

EMG-Based Control in a Test Platform for Exoskeleton with One Degree of Freedom

User Intention sentence examples within Decode User Intention

Spatio-Spectral Feature Representation for Motor Imagery Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Decoding Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials From EEG Signals: Towards an EEG-Triggered FES System to Restore Hand Grasp Function

User Intention sentence examples within Toward User Intention

Video Moment Localization via Deep Cross-Modal Hashing

Intention to Use Cloud Accounting System Among SMEs in Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework of a Modified Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Model

User Intention sentence examples within Identify User Intention

Integrating a spoken dialogue system, nursing records, and activity data collection based on smartphones

TIDY: A PBE-based framework supporting smart transformations for entity consistency in PowerPoint

User Intention sentence examples within Decoding User Intention

Exploring a Deeper Convolutional Neural Network Architecture with high dropout for Motor Imagery BCI Decoding

Brain‐computer interfaces and plasticity of the human nervous system

User Intention sentence examples within user intention toward

The post-adoption behavior of internet banking users through the eyes of self-determination theory and expectation confirmation model

What drives e-hailing apps adoption? An analysis of behavioral factors through fuzzy AHP

Surface Electromyography for Sensing Performance Intention and Musical Imagery in Vocalists

Variable Admittance Control Based on Human–Robot Collaboration Observer Using Frequency Analysis for Sensitive and Safe Interaction

Motor Imagery Classification Emphasizing Corresponding Frequency Domain Method based on Deep Learning Framework

e-Hailing from Service Quality Perspective: A Malaysian Based Study

iContractBot: A Chatbot for Smart Contracts’ Specification and Code Generation

Artificial Perception and Semiautonomous Control in Myoelectric Hand Prostheses Increases Performance and Decreases Effort

Intention-aware Heterogeneous Graph Attention Networks for Fraud Transactions Detection

Internet-based tailored virtual human health intervention to promote colorectal cancer screening: design guidelines from two user studies

Discovery and diagnosis of wrong SPARQL queries with ontology and constraint reasoning

Session Based Query Recommendation with Graph Neural Networks on Heterogeneous Information Trees

Optimal Action-based or User Prediction-based Haptic Guidance: Can You Do Even Better?

Toward Dynamic User Intention

Towards Dynamic User Intention in Sequential Recommendation

Literature Review about Intention Mining in Information Systems

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

A Security-UTAUT Framework for Evaluating Key Security Determinants in Smart City Adoption by the Australian City Councils

An Empirical Study on the Intentional Behaviors of Healthcare Consumers in a Telehealthcare System in Taiwan

variED: an editor for collaborative, real-time feature modeling

Determinants of intention to continue usage of online shopping under a pandemic: COVID-19

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

A Study on the Difference between Social Network Analysis and Text Network Analysis

On semantics-based minimal revision for legal reasoning

The rise of social networking sites: An empirical investigation applying demographic differences and the technology acceptance model


Onlinetherapie bei depressiven Störungen

Development of a Close-Fitting Assistive Suit with Adjustable Structure for Arm and Back as Needed - e.z.UP®

Internet-based Tailored Virtual Human Health Intervention to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening: Design Guidelines from Two User Studies

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

Visual Attention-Based Object Detection in Cluttered Environments

Overview of Computational Intelligence (CI) Techniques for Powered Exoskeletons

Active inference as a unifying, generic and adaptive framework for a P300-based BCI.

Deep learning approach to control of prosthetic hands with electromyography signals

A task-oriented dialogue bot using long short-term memory with attention for Thai language

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

Fast human motion prediction for human-robot collaboration with wearable interface

A Study on the Factors Affecting the User Intention of Omnichannel Shopping Based on Information Technology

Riding personal mobility vehicles on the road: an analysis of the intentions of Chinese users

Shared human–robot proportional control of a dexterous myoelectric prosthesis

Inference of user-intention in remote robot wheelchair assistance using multimodal interfaces

A Proposal for the Development of Lifelong Dialog Systems

Automatic Time-Frequency Analysis of MRPs for Mind-controlled Mechatronic Devices

Factors Affecting Adoption and Use of Mobile Banking Services in Zambia Based on TAM Model

Hiking Aid for Rewalk


Reduced Burden of Individual Calibration Process in Brain-Computer Interface by Clustering the Subjects based on Brain Activation

Self-Generated Intent-Based System

A model for predicting user intention to use wearable IoT devices at the workplace

Factors affecting reposting behaviour using a mobile phone-based user-generated-content online community application among Chinese young adults

EMG and ENG-envelope pattern recognition for prosthetic hand control

Matrix-Based Method for Inferring Elements in Data Attributes Using a Vector Space Model

Discovering Factors Associated with Online Gaming Behaviors

Development and determinants of end-user intention: usage of expert systems

Understanding Natural Language Instructions for Fetching Daily Objects Using GAN-Based Multimodal Target–Source Classification

Hiking Aid for Rewalk

HILC: Domain-Independent PbD System Via Computer Vision and Follow-Up Questions

[Online therapy for depressive disorders : An acceptance-based analysis from the perspective of therapists].

Design and Implementation of Smart Advertisement Display Board Prototype

Robots that maintain equilibrium: Proactivity by reasoning about user intentions and preferences

Brain-Controlled Adaptive Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of Post-Stroke Paralyzed

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

Does Inertia Effect E-Learning System Acceptance Among University Lecturers? Insights from Sriwijaya University

EEG Signal-Based Movement Control for Mobile Robots

Privacy-aware digital forensics

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

Understanding the Impact of Determinants in Game Learning Acceptance: An Empirical Study

Speech Command Classification System for Sinhala Language based on Automatic Speech Recognition

Acceptance of mobile banking in Islamic banks: integration of DeLone and McLean IS model and unified theory of acceptance and use of technology

More User Intention 사용자 의도 sentence examples

Learning Contextual Representation with Convolution Bank and Multi-head Self-attention for Speech Emphasis Detection

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