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APPetite: Validation of a smartphone app-based tool for the remote measure of free-living subjective appetite.

The NeoTree application: developing an integrated mHealth solution to improve quality of newborn care and survival in a district hospital in Malawi

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Design methodology for the development of variable stiffness devices based on layer jamming transition

Is Additional Gastrectomy Required for Elderly Patients after Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection with Endoscopic Curability C-2 for Early Gastric Cancer?

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Dependence of CWSI-Based Plant Water Stress Estimation with Diurnal Acquisition Times in a Nectarine Orchard

Editorial: using smartphones to collect linguistic data

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A Machine Learning Based Sign Language Interpretation System for Communication with Deaf-mute People

How Can Hybrid Simulation Support Organizations in Assessing COVID-19 Containment Measures?

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Data-Driven Software Engineering

Nutritional, Gastrointestinal and Endo-Metabolic Challenges in the Management of Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1

Data science in cell imaging.

A Quality Improvement Project on Agitation Management in the Emergency Department.

Developing an app to support sensitive enquiry and discussion about female genital mutilation

Developing a more innovative ‘Forex’ trading application to shape new and improved trading experiences

Data science in cell imaging.

SplitEasy: A Practical Approach for Training ML models on Mobile Devices

Modeling a social media-based solution for Marketing Library Services in Sri Lanka: A User Librarian Collaborative Model (ULCM)

ConAn: A Usable Tool for Multimodal Conversation Analysis

TNM: A Tool for Mining of Socio-Technical Data from Git Repositories

Nutritional, Gastrointestinal and Endo-Metabolic Traps in the Management of Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1

Challenges of translating Rasmussen’s Accimap into a usable, sustainable, and useful incident reporting system: end-user attitudes following 12-month implementation

Youth Leisure-Time Sedentary Behavior Questionnaire (YLSBQ): Reliability and Validity in Colombian University Students

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Signaligner Pro: A Tool to Explore and Annotate Multi-day Raw Accelerometer Data

Detection of heavy bitumen contaminations with using corrected Rock-Eval pyrolysis data

How statically-typed functional programmers write code

How Statically-Typed Functional Programmers Author Code

Validation of the Hungarian PHQ-15. A latent variable approach.

Simulation of emotional differences in the structured query language for databases of financial markets

Reproducible and accessible analysis of transposon insertion sequencing in Galaxy for qualitative essentiality analyses

Co-design of avatars to embody auditory hallucinations of patients with schizophrenia

The BAT: A videotaped battery to assess theory of mind in schizophrenia

Machine Learning Based Methods for Handling Imbalanced Data in Hepatitis Diagnosis

GrimoireLab: A toolset for software development analytics

MEDAL: An AI-driven Data Fabric Concept for Elastic Cloud-to-Edge Intelligence

Wrist Internal Loading and Tempo-Dependent, Effort-Reducing Motor Behaviour Strategies for Two Elite Pianists.

Cross information and BIM interoperability tools for energy retrofit analysis

Turkish version of the faces version of the Modified Child Dental Anxiety Scale (MCDASf): translation, reliability, and validity.

BioThings SDK: a toolkit for building high-performance data APIs in biomedical research

Climate Services Transformed: Decision-Making Practice for the Coast in a Changing Climate

Psychometric properties of the French-language version of the Coercion Experience Scale (CES)

Applying Metamodel-based Tooling to Object-oriented Code.

Designing complex socio-technical process systems - the airport example

Mental health service users’ experiences of an education intervention based on a European Union project: A comparison between nine European countries

Encoding immersive sessions for online, interactive VR analytics

A Dual-Point Technique for the Entire ID–VG Characterization Into Subthreshold Region Under Random Telegraph Noise Condition

Development and evaluation of RAMP I – a practitioner’s tool for screening of musculoskeletal disorder risk factors in manual handling

PDMS filter structures for size-dependent larval sorting and on-chip egg extraction of C. elegans.

Challenges of translating Rasmussen’s Accimap into a usable, sustainable, and useful incident reporting system: end-user attitudes following 12-month implementation

Data, capacity-building, and training needs to address rural health inequities in the Northwest United States: a qualitative study

Does mapping improve public participation? Exploring the pros and cons of using public participation GIS in urban planning practices

A generalized multi-particle drift-diffusion simulator for optoelectronic devices

PathMiner: A Library for Mining of Path-Based Representations of Code

Lead-free sodium niobate nanowires with strong piezo-catalysis for dye wastewater degradation

Developing communication support for interaction with children during acute radiographic procedures.

Cortico-limbic connectivity as a possible biomarker for bipolar disorder: where are we now?

Field evaluation of malaria malachite green loop-mediated isothermal amplification in health posts in Roraima state, Brazil

Molecular simulation of PcCel45A protein expressed from Aspergillus nidulans to understand its structure, dynamics, and thermostability

Design Features for Usable Mobile Electronic Data Capturing Forms: The Form Developers’ Perspective

PomBase 2018: user-driven reimplementation of the fission yeast database provides rapid and intuitive access to diverse, interconnected information

A molecularly imprinted polymer based chemiluminescence array sensor for one-step determination of phenothiazines and benzodiazepines in pig urine.

How Do Adolescents Use Electronic Diaries? A Mixed-Methods Study Among Adolescents With Depressive Symptoms

On quantum implication

Improving Construction Productivity by Integrating the Lean Concept and the Clancey Heuristic Model

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Usable Tool 사용 가능한 도구

Usable Tool 사용 가능한 도구
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