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Determination and occurrence of bisphenol A and thirteen structural analogs in soil.

Classification of urban soils for forensic purposes using supervised self‐organizing maps

Urban Soil sentence examples within urban soil pollution

Estimation of the Soil Contamination Level of a Large Industrial Centre

Effects of biochar on berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum, L.) growth and heavy metal (Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn) accumulation.

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Invasive Plant Species Distribution Is Structured by Soil and Habitat Type in the City Landscape

Diseño de un modelo de producción para huertas urbanas

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Assessment of heavy metal contamination and its sources in urban soils of district Hyderabad, Pakistan using GIS and multivariate analysis

Heavy Metal Contamination of Urban Soil in Novosibirsk

Assessment of the State of Soil’s Microbial Community in Condition of Intensive Influence of Pollutants

Zinc lability and solubility in soils of Ethiopia – an isotopic dilution study

Hydrothermal regime of the urban soils in the cold period of the hydrological year of Western Siberia (Russia)

Seasonal Dynamics of СO2 Emission from Soils of Kursk

The content of trace elements in the urban soil of Šabac and ecological risk assessment

Heavy Metal Fluxes in Tropical Urban Forest Soil in Abidjan District (Côte d’Ivoire)

A Scientometric Analysis of Research on World Mercury (Hg) in Soil (1991–2020)

Distribution characteristics and correlation of heavy metals in soil and total suspended particles of Urumqi City

Bacterial Complexes of Urbanozems in Southern Cities of Russia

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Child risk assessment of selected metal(loid)s from urban soils using in vitro UBM procedure

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Impact of powdered and liquid laundry detergent greywater on soil degradation

Determination of the content of heavy metals in soils and plants of urban ecosystems (Kaliningrad, Russia)

Geochemical signatures and natural background values of rare earth elements in soils of Brazilian Amazon.

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Biomass and number of gene copies of fungi in the polar urban soils, Murmansk, Russia

Otsu’s Algorithm in the Segmentation of Pore Space in Soils Based on Tomographic Data

Transport of emerging contaminants: a column experimental study in granitic, gneissic, and quaternary alluvial soils from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil

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Quantitative assessment of soil quality indices for urban croplands in a calcareous semi-arid ecosystem

Evaluation of soil hydrophysical parameters along a semiurban small river: Soil ecosystem services for enhancing water retention in urban and suburban green areas

Level of Contamination Assessment of Potentially Toxic Elements in the Urban Soils of Volos City (Central Greece)

Special Issue on “Metallophytes for soil remediation” - Preface

Trace metals and metalloids in peri-urban soil and foliage across geologic materials, ecosystems, and development intensities in Southern California

The Reuse of Excavated Soils from Construction and Demolition Projects: Limitations and Possibilities

Spatial variation and distribution of soil organic carbon in an urban ecosystem from high-density sampling

Integrated Approach of Phytostabilization for Urban Ecosystem Soils Contaminated with Lead

Global homogenization of the structure and function in the soil microbiome of urban greenspaces

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Mapping of soil ecological properties in the industrial city of Usolye-Sibirskoe

Photosynthesis, fluorescence, and biomass responses of white oak seedlings to urban soil and air temperature effects.

Urban areas, human health and technosols for the green deal

A Roman provincial city and its contamination legacy from artisanal and daily-life activities

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Geochemistry of subtropical arenosols from Kuito region (Angola). Urbanization effects and environmental implications

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Vacant lot plant establishment techniques alter urban soil ecosystem services

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Impact of urbanization on the ecological state of soils in the city of Uralsk

Greenhouse gas fluxes from turfgrass systems: Species, growth rate, clipping management, and environmental effects.

Diatom Communities as Bioindicators of Human Disturbances on Suburban Soil Quality in Arid Marrakesh Area (Morocco)

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How to evaluate nature-based solutions performance for microclimate, water and soil management issues – Available tools and methods from Nature4Cities European project results

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Urban Soil 도시 토양

Urban Soil 도시 토양
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