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Statistical Resentment: Or, What’s Wrong with Acting, Blaming, and Believing on the Basis of Statistics Alone

Statistical resentment, or: what’s wrong with acting, blaming, and believing on the basis of statistics alone

Capturing gradience in long-distance phonology using probabilistic tier-based strictly local grammars

Characterising factors underlying praxis deficits in chronic left hemisphere stroke patients

Finnish inserted vowels: a case of phonologized excrescence

The Complex Beauty of Boundary Adverbials: In Years and Until

A Dynamical Perspective on the Generality Problem

Exploitation, Trade Justice, and Corporate Obligations

The Reflection of the Adoption of IFRS 17 “Insurance Contracts” on the Procedures for Auditing Insurance Contracts in the Iraqi Environment

Why do we need a theory of implementation?

Knowledge and reasoning

The PRO model accounts for the anterior cingulate cortex role in risky decision-making and monitoring

Coastal biometric recognition based on virtual sensor network and accounting cost accounting of logistics companies

Mayan agent focus and the ergative extraction constraint: Facts and fictions revisited

Aggregation of Accounting information between differentiated accounting systems ( Case Study )

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Analyzing the Methods and Organizational Bases of Preparing the Consolidated Financial Statements

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Complementary deficits in perceptual classification in pure alexia and acquired prosopagnosia – New insights from two classic cases

Measurement and Characteristics of the Integration of China’s Trade in Services into Digital Global Value Chain

From exploration to exploitation: a shifting mental mode in late life development

A Computational Treatment of Anaphora and Its Algorithmic Implementation

Mentalizing in Nonhuman Primates

On preverbal zai in Mandarin Chinese: its progressive and prepositional functions

Sustainability and ecological efficiency of low-carbon power system: A concentrating solar power plant in China.

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Neural network models of personality structure and dynamics

Agreeing in number: Verbal plural suppletion and reduplication

A Unified Theory of Truth and Paradox

A unified account of information, misinformation, and disinformation

Item repetition and retrieval processes in cued recall: Analysis of recall-latency distributions

Explaining delusional beliefs: a hybrid model

Negative Polarity Items in Telugu

Events as intersecting object histories: A new theory of event representation.

Emergy-based accounting method for aquatic ecosystem services valuation: A case of China

Accounting for a wide variety of binaural detection data by combining cross-correlation and signal-detection theory approaches

Obstacles to the transition from the unified accounting system to the international accounting standards in the banking sector in the Kurdistan Region / Iraq

Old Trade, New Tricks: Insights into the Spontaneous Mutation Process from the Partnering of Classical Mutation Accumulation Experiments with High-Throughput Genomic Approaches

The Spanish future tense and cognitive perspective: tense, modality, evidentiality and the reflection of the grounding process

Disorientation and GIS-Informed Wilderness Search and Rescue

Against epistemic partiality in friendship: value-reflecting reasons

An Objectivist’s Guide to Subjective Reasons

The Hyperfocusing Hypothesis: A New Account of Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia.

Laws of concatenated perception: Vision goes for novelty, decisions for perseverance

Similarities and Differences Between Chinese and English in Sluicing and Their Theoretical Explanation

Selection enables enhancement: An integrated model of object tracking.

Unifying Universal and Existential wh’s in Mandarin

The pattern theory of self in artificial general intelligence: A theoretical framework for modeling self in biologically inspired cognitive architectures

A double error dynamic asymptote model of associative learning.

Embodied Simulation. Its Bearing on Aesthetic Experience and the Dialogue Between Neuroscience and the Humanities

Names and their meanings: A dual-process account of proper-name encoding and retrieval

Operation and Maintenance Costs Allocation Model of Grid Project Based on Performance Value

What does emotion teach us about self-deception? Affective neuroscience in support of non-intentionalism

The origin of non-canonical case marking of subjects in Proto-Indo-European


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The ambiguity of projection and the chomskyan adjunction as a formal way of approaching predication in small clauses and secondary predication

Refiguring Asianness in tourism advertising: A translanguaging perspective

Chemical Potential-Induced Wall State Transitions in Plant Cell Growth

A unified account of conditioned phonological alternations: Evidence from Guébie

An ‘alternative’ core for or

Visuo-Kinetic Signs Are Inherently Metonymic: How Embodied Metonymy Motivates Forms, Functions, and Schematic Patterns in Gesture

Conclusion: Complexity, Unity, Infinity

Raising, unphased

Digital Geometry in Image Processing

Unconditionals and free choice unified

Rationality as the Capacity for Understanding

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Unified Account 통합 계정
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