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Digital servitization value co-creation framework for AI services: a research agenda for digital transformation in financial service ecosystems

Exploring how internet services can enhance elderly well-being

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How Values Ground Value Creation: The practical inference framework

Broadening the understanding of the role of consumer services in the circular economy: Toward a conceptualization of value creation processes

Assessing readiness for lean thinking in healthcare settings: the case for Oman

Nursing and Values-Based Leadership: A literature review.

Critique of methodological aspects of the study of value and price in the light of the actualization of Marxist theory

Coronavirus Deformation of the Value-Semantic Matrix of the Life of the World Community in the Conditions of a Postmodern Society

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Resource possibilities of military sports games in patriotic education

The value of value theory for ecological economics

Assessing People’s Values of Nature: Where Is the Link to Sustainability Transformations?

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The Phenomenon of Values in the Axiology and in the History

Closing the Loop on E‐waste: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Is there a cluster of high theta-beta ratio patients in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Cultural Values, Trust, and Benefit-Risk Perceptions of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Elites and the General Public.

Foundational Values in University Education: An Historical Understanding of Values in Practice

From retail innovation and image to loyalty: moderating effects of product type

Acting on Society: Quantification, Technologies of Performance, and Erasure of “the Social”

“‘Academic’ is a dirty word”: Intended impact pathways of an emerging academic health centre in tropical regional Australia

Value-in-Context: An Exploration of the Context of Value and the Value of Context

CPEC and Saudi Arabia: Economic Implication for China and Pakistan

Three perspectives on relational values of nature

Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Early Stage Design: Capturing the Dynamics Using Utility Theory

Does Value Matter in Orthopaedic Trauma?: A Survey of Orthopaedic Trauma Association Members.

Examining and Understanding Value: The Impact of Preoperative Characteristics, Intraoperative Variables, and Postoperative Complications on Cost of Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy.

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Understanding Value 가치 이해

Understanding Value 가치 이해
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