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Well Drilling Fuzzy Risk Assessment using Fuzzy FMEA and Fuzzy TOPSIS

An energy efficient and improved language translator with cnn based deep encoder and decoder

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Analysis of factors affecting response for mixed potential gas sensors

The density of surface ligands regulates the luminescence of thiolated gold nanoclusters and their metal ion response

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Hypsugo stubbei sp. nov., a novel cryptic bat species of the genus Hypsugo (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera, Mammalia) from Mongolia. Results of the Mongolian-German Biological Expeditions Since 1962, No. 347.

Combustion behavior of composite solid propellant reinforced with Al-based alloy fuel

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Reaction Pathways of the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3 on the α-Fe2O3(012) Surface: a Combined Experimental and DFT Study.

State Restructuring and Urban Innovation Development in Post-reform China: Shanghai’s Innovation Action in Review

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Adsorption and catalytic degradation of preservative parabens by graphene-family nanomaterials.

Mechanism for CO2 electroreduction into C2 products at the low overpotential: Theoretical insights from an improved electrode/solution interface model

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How Symbiodiniaceae meets the challenges of life during coral bleaching

Fundamental concepts and insights into electrospraying for biomedical applications

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Achieving Efficient n-Doping of Conjugated Polymers by Molecular Dopants.

Hydrogen-rich gas production through supercritical water gasification of chicken manure over activated carbon/ceria-based nickel catalysts

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Self-confidence of Nurses Philosophy: A Concept Analysis

Habitus, campus experience, and graduate employment: personal advancement of middle-class students in China

Spatiotemporal variations in the composition of algal mats in wastewater treatment ponds of tannery industry

Transformasi Tokoh Fanfiction Kpop dalam Novel My Lord Karya Ellina Exsli: Kajian Dekonstruksi Derrid

Violencia de hijos a padres. Factores que aumentan el riesgo de exposición y la responsabilidad penal

Balint style case-based discussion group for medical students in Bassetlaw Hospital

Antepartum Haemorrhage: The Arguments and Its Implication to Muslim Parturient

Buffering against Depressive Symptoms: Associations between Self-Compassion, Perceived Family Support and Age for Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals


The Inter-Relation of Corporate Social Responsibility at Employee Level, Servant Leadership, and Innovative Work Behavior in the Time of Crisis from the Healthcare Sector of Pakistan

Approaches for corneal endothelium regenerative medicine

Five major two components systems of Staphylococcus aureus for adaptation in diverse hostile environment.

Phytohormonal and Transcriptomic Response of Hulless Barley Leaf in Response to Powdery Mildew Infection

Towards a Better Understanding of Nutritional and Therapeutic Effects of Honey and Their Applications in Apitherapy

Unraveling the role of support membrane chemistry and pore properties on the formation of thin-film composite polyamide membranes

Supporting family carers of people with dementia: A discrete choice experiment of public preferences.

Block copolymers as (single-ion conducting) lithium battery electrolytes.

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