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Vaccination Hesitancy and Conspiracy Beliefs in the UK During the SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemic

Motives for prescription stimulant use by patterns of non-medical use

Outdoor recreation in French Coastal and Marine Protected Areas. Exploring recreation experience preference as a way for building conservation support

Variations in the Motivations of Environmental Citizen Scientists

Longitudinal Relations Between Substance Use Abstinence Motivations and Substance Use Behaviors in Adolescence: A Self-determination Theory Approach.

The Comparison of Fashion Entrepreneurship Motivations, Skills, and Traits between the US and Korean College Students

Ice hockey officiating retention: a qualitative understanding of junior ice hockey officials’ motivations in Canada

How players across gender and age experience Pokémon Go?

Taking active steps: Changes made by partners of people with multiple sclerosis who undertake lifestyle modification

Nature-based Tourism or Mass Tourism in Nature? Segmentation of Mountain Protected Area Visitors Using Self-Organizing Maps (SOM)

Multimodal travel-based multitasking during the commute: Who does what?

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