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Understanding Low sentence examples within understanding low back

Transcultural adaption and preliminary evaluation of “understanding low back pain” patient education booklet

Regression models for the erector spinae muscle (ESM) cross-sectional area (CSA): Asymptomatic populations.

Lower extremity muscle contributions to ACL loading during a stop-jump task.

Estimating the range of the maximum hormetic stimulatory response

The paleoichthyofauna housed in the Colección Nacional de Paleontología of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

S4LVE: shareable videogame analysis and visualization

“Useless Schooling” or “Hopeless Schooling”: An Ethnographic Study of Lower-Class Rural Parents’ Perceptions on the Value of Schooling

Synthesis and Complexation of a Free Germanide Bearing a Tridentate N-Heterocyclic Substituent

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