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Visual Elicitation of Brand Perception

Assessing differences in levels of food trust between European countries

Understanding the Patterns and Trends of Food Consumption in a Developing Country Context: The Case of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

A Literature Study Of Consumer Perception Towards Digital Payment Mode In India

Consumer perceptions of the Michelin Guide and attitudes toward Michelin-starred restaurants

A study of variables affecting the consumption of medicinal plant products in urban communities, north of Iran

Poor understanding of allergen labelling by allergic and non‐allergic consumers

The mediating effect of consumers’ price level perception and emotions towards supermarkets

Half of New Hampshire Residents Buy Local Farm Food at Least a Few Times a Month, But Engagement Varies by County

Did the COVID-19 lockdown affect consumers’ sustainable behaviour in food purchasing and consumption in China?

Factors influencing the adoption postponement of mobile payment services in the hospitality sector during a pandemic

Understanding Lateral and Vertical Biases in Consumer Attention: An In-Store Ambulatory Eye-Tracking Study

Consumer Perception of Red Wine by the Degree of Familiarity Using Consumer-Based Methodology

How the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Can Be Applied in the Research of the Influencing Factors of Food Waste in Restaurants: Learning from Serbian Urban Centers

Sustainable Destination Marketing Ecosystem through Smartphone-Based Social Media: The Consumers’ Acceptance Perspective

Shopping centers revisited: The interplay between consumers’ spontaneous online communications and retail planning

Evaluating the frequency, consumers’ motivation and perception of online medicinal, herbal, and health products purchase safety in Saudi Arabia

A goal-directed interactionist perspective of counterfeit consumption: The role of perceived detection probability

Knowledge and understanding of sustainability labels in Brazil

Impact of Common Food Labels on Consumer Liking in Vanilla Yogurt

“I buy green products, do you…?”: The moderating effect of eWOM on green purchase behavior in Malaysian cosmetics industry

From trash to treasure: The impact of consumer perception of bio-waste products in closed-loop supply chains

Economic Dissimilarity and Online Rating Behavior

Consumers’ acceptance and resistance to virtual bank: views of non-users

Video gaming as a gendered pursuit

Artificial Intelligence in FinTech: understanding robo-advisors adoption among customers

Social representations of marketing work: advertising workers and social media

Big5 Tool for Tracking Personality Traits

Praise or revenge: why do consumers post about organizations on social media

Evaluating the validity of consumer insights into the wine business

Consumer awareness of the use of food labels in Lagos state, Nigeria

The Development and Implementation of the Integrated Marketing Communications Concept

The MAYA principle as applied to apparel products

Antecedents to an evangelising consumer

Health Innovation in Patty Products. The Role of Food Neophobia in Consumers’ Non-Hypothetical Willingness to Pay, Purchase Intention and Hedonic Evaluation

Data Mining Applications in Understanding Electricity Consumers’ Behavior: A Case Study of Tulkarm District, Palestine

Measuring cooking experience implicitly and explicitly: physiology, facial expression and subjective ratings

Consumers’ perceptions towards Thai rice: A cross-cultural comparison between easterners and westerners

Value in tourist experiences: How nature-based experiential styles influence value in climbing

Visual attention to rate-all-that-apply (RATA) questions: A case study with apple images as food stimuli

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Understanding Consumers 소비자 이해

Understanding Consumers 소비자 이해
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