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Regional planning: an arena of interests, institutions and relations

Feminist or Paternalistic: Understanding Men’s Motivations to Confront Sexism

Underlying Motivations sentence examples within underlying motivations behind

The Return of the Primal Father: A Comparative Freudian Reading of Two Novels

Perceived constraints to sex tourism overseas: scale development and validation

Shifting from face-to-face to online teaching during COVID-19: The role of university faculty achievement goals for attitudes towards this sudden change, and their relevance for burnout/engagement and student evaluations of teaching quality

Work To Win or Work Not to Lose? Promotion and Prevention Focus in Workaholism

Sensation seeking, media multitasking, and social Facebook use

Do people have differing motivations for participating in a stated-preference study? Results from a latent-class analysis

Driver behavior and the use of automation in real-world driving.

A framework for assessing and intervening in markets driving unsustainable wildlife use.

Intergenerational disenchantment? Environmental behaviors and motivations across generations in South Korea

Development of strain-hardening cementitious composites utilizing slag and calcium carbonate powder

Contextual Approaches to Human Resource Management

Lessons from the Departed: A Planned Behavior Approach to Understand Travelers’ Actual Physician-Assisted Suicide Behavior

Consensus decision-making: performance of heuristics and mental models

Framing and blaming: Media coverage of coal mining accident coverups in China

Do people intervene to make others behave prosocially?

Strategically overconfident (to a fault): How self-promotion motivates advisor confidence.

Understanding How Algorithmic and Cognitive Biases in Web Search Affect User Attitudes on Debated Topics

Marine restoration in the Mediterranean: red coral and fan mussel discourses, uncertainty and reaching restoration targets

The Social and Cultural Importance of Keeping Wild Birds as Pets in an Ethnic Community in Guiyang City, China

Selfless First Movers and Self‐Interested Followers: Order of Entry Signals Purity of Motive in Pursuit of the Greater Good

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Considering “Freebirth” During Covid-19

Students with dyslexia between school and university: Post-diploma choices and the reasons that determine them. An Italian study.

When Love Just Ends: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Dysfunctional Behaviors, Attachment Styles, Gender, and Education Shortly After a Relationship Dissolution

Addictive behaviors across the menstrual cycle: a systematic review

Delayed emergency healthcare seeking behaviour by Dutch emergency department visitors during the first COVID-19 wave: a mixed methods retrospective observational study

Conceptualizing consciousness

IR-Rec: An interpretive rules-guided recommendation over knowledge graph

Strategic Alignment of Multinational Corporations for Frugal Innovation—A Case Study

Distinct motivations to seek out information in healthy individuals and problem gamblers

Apprise: inclusive innovation for enhancing the agency of vulnerable populations in the context of anti-trafficking responses

Motivating Children to Become Green Kids: The Role of Victim Framing, Moral Emotions, and Responsibility on Children’s Pro-Environmental Behavioral Intent

Crowdfunding as Gambling: Evidence from Repeated Natural Experiments

Home and away: Why do consumers shy away from reporting negative experiences in the peer‐to‐peer realms?

Making Sense of Energy-Saving Behaviour: A Theoretical Framework on Strategies for Behaviour Change Intervention

Local Communities and Sport Activities Expenditures and Image: Residents’ Role in Sustainable Tourism and Recreation

What Motivates Innovative Entrepreneurs? Evidence from a Global Field Experiment

The When, Why, How and So-What of Verifications

‘Being normal’ and self-identity: the experience of volunteering in individuals with severe mental disorders—a qualitative study

Testamento vital: verificação e compartilhamento de informações em um hospital português

From Coercion to Cooperation: Settlement within EU Competition Law

The salience of climate change in farmer decision-making within smallholder semi-arid agroecosystems

Buddhists’ Motivations for Revisiting Religious Temples in Malaysia

How Much is Too Much?

Betting on CPR: a modern version of Pascal’s Wager

An overview of C-SOX and directions for future research

Two-dimensional Machiavellianism: Conceptualization, theory, and measurement of the views and tactics dimensions.

Notions of policy effectiveness and implications for policy design: insights from public-private partnerships in India

Exploring Social Change through Social Media: the case of the Facebook group Indignant Citizens

Agent based simulation of decision making with uncertainty

Wage Delegation in the Field

El plagio académico: un signo de la relativa maleabilidad presente en lo real

Measuring Motivations of Crowdworkers

An approach for understanding human activity patterns with the motivations behind

Value destruction in exaggerated online reviews

Assessing a Survey: Motivations of Collaborative Consumption of Clothing

Psychosocial and cognitive engineering contributions to blood transfusion.

Physical activity levels and self-determined motivation among future healthcare professionals: Utility of the Behavioral Regulation in Exercise Questionnaire (BREQ-2)

Driving aviation forward; contrasting driving automation and aviation automation

Adolescent Mental Health and the Choking Game

Understanding Socially Responsible Investing and Its Implications for Islamic Investment Industry

Underlying Motivations of Volunteering Across Life Stages: A Study of Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations in Nevada

Wishes to die at the end of life and subjective experience of four different typical dying trajectories. A qualitative interview study

Qualitative study investigating the underlying motivations of healthy participants in phase I clinical trials

Altruistic decisions are influenced by the allocation of monetary incentives in a pain-sharing game

On the Semi-unsupervised Construction of Auto-keyphrases Corpus from Large-Scale Chinese Automobile E-Commerce Reviews

Back to the future: returning to silver-backed money in Sri Lanka

The effects of workaholics and job engagement on sleep quality: An experience sampling study on the role of psychological detachment

Exploratory qualitative study to understand the underlying motivations and strategies of the private for-profit healthcare sector in urban Bangladesh

News From the Background to the Foreground

Opposition to development or opposition to developers? Experimental evidence on attitudes toward new housing

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