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Nonsurgical Treatments for Infraorbital Rejuvenation: A Review

Application of a Three-dimensional Printed Anatomical Model in Presurgical Planning of Surgical Treatment of Brain Aneurysms

Early electrodiagnosis in the management of neonatal brachial plexus palsy: A systematic review

Undersampled MR image reconstruction using an enhanced recursive residual network.

Thermoacoustic range verification in the presence of acoustic heterogeneity and soundspeed errors – Robustness relative to ultrasound image of underlying anatomy

Pathophysiology, assessment and treatment of psoriatic dactylitis

Recurrent inference machines for reconstructing heterogeneous MRI data

Diagnosing Glaucoma Progression With Visual Field Data Using a Spatiotemporal Boundary Detection Method

Whole-exome sequencing identifies variants associated with structural MRI markers in patients with bipolar disorders.

Anatomy of Facelifting

Anatomy of the Facial Profile.

Intramyocardial Hematoma After Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation.

[Importance of the tibial slope in knee arthroplasty].

An anatomical review of the left atrium

Self-Efficacy and Physical Activity Level Holds Important Implications for Transfer of Adult Congenital Heart Disease.

The neurosurgical wound and factors that can affect cosmetic, functional, and neurological outcomes

Survey of multinational surgical management practices in tetralogy of Fallot.

Reducing variability in along-tract analysis with diffusion profile realignment

An anatomical review of the right ventricle

Exercise testing for assessment of heart failure in adults with congenital heart disease

Robust contour propagation using deep learning and image registration for online adaptive proton therapy of prostate cancer

Anatomically-Informed Multiple Linear Assignment Problems for White Matter Bundle Segmentation

Fetal XCMR: a numerical phantom for fetal cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging

Anorectal pitfalls in computed tomography colonography

TRUS applications in anal and rectal diseases

Epicardial access: Adjusting the approach as we discover complications

Reducing variability in along-tract analysis with diffusion profile realignment

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital Heart Disease Classification, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome

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Underlying Anatomy 기본 해부학

Underlying Anatomy 기본 해부학
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