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Synthesis of gold-coated magnetic conglomerate nanoparticles with a fast magnetic response for bio-sensing

Challenges and Opportunities for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats Based Molecular Biosensing.

Magnetically induced linear,nonreciprocal, and tunable transparency

Crystallization-Induced Enhanced Electrochemiluminescence from Tetraphenyl Alkene Nanocrystals for Ultrasensitive Sensing.

Application of magnetic nanomaterials as electrochemical sensors

Metal enhanced chemiluminescence nanosensor for ultrasensitive bioassay based on silver nanoparticles modified functional DNA dendrimer.

Plasmonic Biosensor Augmented by a Genetic Algorithm for Ultra-Rapid, Label-Free, and Multi-Functional Detection of COVID-19

Highly sensitive crumpled 2D material-based plasmonic biosensors.

Defect engineering of In2S3 nanoflowers through tungsten doping for ultrasensitive visible-light-excited photoelectrochemical sensors

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Ultrasensitive Biosensing 초고감도 바이오센싱

Ultrasensitive Biosensing 초고감도 바이오센싱
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