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Organic Persistent Luminescent Materials: Ultralong Room-Temperature Phosphorescence and Multicolor-Tunable Afterglow.

A robust, highly reversible, mixed conducting sodium metal anode

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Free-standing hollow carbon nanofibers scaffold with spherical nanocavities and lithiophilic N/ZnO heteroatoms as stable dendrite-free lithium metal anode

Slight Zinc Doping by an Ultrafast Electrodeposition Process Boosts the Cycling Performance of Layered Double Hydroxides for Ultralong-Life-Span Supercapacitors.

MOF derived TiO2 with reversible magnesium pseudocapacitance for ultralong-life Mg metal batteries

Self-Induced Dark States in Two-Dimensional Excitons.

All-in-One Sulfur Host: Smart Controls of Architecture and Composition for Accelerated Liquid-Solid Redox Conversion in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.

Au-modified 3D carbon cloth as a dendrite-free framework for Li metal with excellent electrochemical stability

Rationally optimized carbon fiber cloth as lithiophilic host for highly stable Li metal anodes

Concurrent realization of dendrite-free anode and high-loading cathode via 3D printed N-Ti3C2 MXene framework toward advanced Li–S full batteries

Visually Monitoring the Compactness of Polymer Matrixes Coded by Disparate Luminescence.

Color-Tunable Aqueous Room-Temperature Phosphorescence Supramolecular Assembly.

Ultrahigh radiation resistance of nanocrystalline diamond films for solid lubrication in harsh radiative environments

Fast potassium storage in porous CoV2O6 nanosphere@graphene oxide towards high-performance potassium-ion capacitors

Boron nitride dots In-situ embedded in a B2O3 matrix with the long lifetime Room-Temperature phosphorescence in dry and wet states

Supramolecular Purely Organic Room-Temperature Phosphorescence.

Redistributing Zn-ion flux by interlayer ion channels in Mg-Al layered double hydroxide-based artificial solid electrolyte interface for ultra-stable and dendrite-free Zn metal anodes

Stretchable supercapacitor at −30 °C

Saccharin-Derived Multifunctional Emitters Featuring Concurrently Room Temperature Phosphorescence, Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence and Aggregation-Induced Enhanced Emission

General and scalable preparation of Prussian blue analogues on arbitrary conductive substrates and their derived metal phosphides as highly efficient and ultra-long-life bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting

Fluorene-based host-guest phosphorescence materials for information encryption

Designing organic room temperature phosphorescence with ultralong lifetime by substituent modification

Sustainable and robust graphene cellulose paper decorated with lithiophilic Au nanoparticles to enable dendrite-free and high-power lithium metal anode.

Tailoring Electrostatic Attraction Interactions to Activate Persistent Room Temperature Phosphorescence from Doped Polyacrylonitrile Films

Mixed Cu2Se Hexagonal Nanosheets@Co3Se4 Nanospheres for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors.

BODIPY-based Photodynamic Agents for Exclusively Generating Superoxide Radical over Singlet Oxygen.

Cation-vacancy induced Li+ intercalation pseudocapacitance at atomically thin heterointerface for high capacity and high power lithium-ion batteries

3D-Printed Zn-Ion Hybrid Capacitor Enabled by Universal Divalent Cation-Gelated Additive-Free Ti3C2 MXene Ink.

Stimuli-responsive Deep-blue Organic Ultralong Phosphorescence with Lifetime over 5 s for Reversible Water-jet Anti-counterfeiting Printing.

Enabling safer, ultralong lifespan all-solid-state Li-organic batteries

Achieving Persistent, Efficient, and Robust Room-Temperature Phosphorescence from Pure Organics for Versatile Applications.

Oxide Catalysts with Ultrastrong Resistance to SO2 Deactivation for Removing Nitric Oxide at Low Temperature.

Activating room temperature phosphorescence by organic materials using synergistic effects

Nitrogen and oxygen co-doped porous carbon nanosheets as high-rate and long-lifetime anode materials for high-performance Li-ion capacitors

Self-assembled HVxOy nanobelts/rGO nanocomposite with an ultrahigh specific capacitance: Synthesis and promising applications in supercapacitors

A Highly Reversible Zn Anode with Intrinsically Safe Organic Electrolyte for Long-Cycle-Life Batteries.

Utilizing d-pπ Bonds for Ultralong Organic Phosphorescence.

Self-supporting lithiophilic N-doped carbon rod array for dendrite-free lithium metal anode

Achieving a Superlong Lifetime in the Zeolite-Catalyzed MTO Reaction under High Pressure: Synergistic Effect of Hydrogen and Water

Achieving efficient and inexpensive vanadium flow battery by combining CexZr1−xO2 electrocatalyst and hydrocarbon membrane

Designed One-Pot Strategy for Dual Carbon Protected Na3V2(PO4)3 Hybrid Structure as High-Rate and Ultrastable Cathode for Sodium-ion Batteries.

Phononic bandgap nano-acoustic cavity with ultralong phonon lifetime

Agglomeration-resistant 2D nanoflakes configured with super electronic networks for extraordinary fast and stable sodium-ion storage

Self-Supporting Hybrid Fiber Mats of Cu3P-Co2P/N-C Endowed with Enhanced Lithium/Sodium Ions Storage Performances.

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