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Application of a wearable switch to perform a mouse left click for a child with mix type of cerebral palsy: a single case study

Evaluation of muscle activity, comfort, posture, and efficiency on using notebook with simple inclines

A kézírás és a gépírás összehasonlító vizsgálata a Mozgásjavító Általános Iskolában

Hands-Free Human-Computer Interface Based on Facial Myoelectric Pattern Recognition

Understanding Deep Neural Networks for Regression in Leaf Counting

Does Depleting Self-Control Result in Poorer Vigilance Performance?

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Cardiovascular and metabolic responses of active sitting while performing work-related tasks

Millimeter-Level Plant Disease Detection From Aerial Photographs via Deep Learning and Crowdsourced Data

An Event-Driven AR-Process Model for EEG-Based BCIs With Rapid Trial Sequences

Errors in Imagined and Executed Typing

Temporal phenotyping of medically complex children via PARAFAC2 tensor factorization

A Wearable Intervention for Laptop Users

Toward a clinical text encoder: pretraining for clinical natural language processing with applications to substance misuse

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Sharing the Right Data Right: A Symbiosis with Machine Learning.

Influence of the wearable posture correction sensor on head and neck posture: Sitting and standing workstations.

Natural language processing and machine learning to identify alcohol misuse from the electronic health record in trauma patients: development and internal validation

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Luminance and vertical eye illuminance thresholds for occupants’ visual comfort in daylit office environments

Expertise within Working Memory and Fluid Intellgence

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Typing Task 타자 작업

Typing Task 타자 작업
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