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The Effectiveness of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions Upon Pregnancy-Related Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Roots Community Birth Center: A culturally-centered care model for improving value and equity in childbirth.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Families’ Home Literacy Practices with Young Children

Diagnosing newborns with suspected mitochondrial disorders: an economic evaluation comparing early exome sequencing to current typical care.

The Cultural Career Script: College Students’ Expectations for a Typical Career

Clustering longitudinal life‐course sequences using mixtures of exponential‐distance models

Experience of formation of readyness for professional career growth of Postgraduates of H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University

The Impact of COVID-19 on Families’ Home Literacy Practices with Young Children

How Being In Learning Mode May Enable a Sustainable Career Across the Lifespan

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Editorial-mental health and crime: Scientific advances and emerging issues from prospective longitudinal studies

Building Data Careers

Familial Caregiving and Timing of Retirement: A Gendered Cohort Analysis

Hormonal and neural correlates of care in active versus observing poison frog parents

Neuropsychology pilot: Dr. Carlos Porges.

Helping Working Mothers Face the Challenges of an Intensive Mothering Culture

Becoming obese in young adulthood: the role of career-family pathways in the transition to adulthood for men and women

Design and Design Education as a Profession: Professional Registration and Membership of Societies for Designers and Design Educators; Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

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Typical Care 일반 관리

Typical Care 일반 관리
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