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Systematic early versus late mobilization or standard early mobilization in mechanically ventilated adult ICU patients: systematic review and meta-analysis

Closest target setting for two-stage network system: An application to the commercial banks in China

Self-report depression screening measures for older Hispanic/Latin American adults: A PRISMA systematic review.

Peer review declaration

Political risk and banking sector performance in Nigeria


Classification of Cellulosic Insulation State Based on Smart Life Prediction Approach (SLPA)

Enhanced hydrogen production by the catalytic alkaline thermal gasification of cellulose with Ni/Fe dual-functional CaO based catalysts

Alternative Secondary Goals in Multiplicative Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis

Anaerobic digestion of vinasse in fluidized bed reactors: Process robustness between two-stage thermophilic-thermophilic and thermophilic-mesophilic systems

Assessment of Single- vs. Two-Stage Process for the Anaerobic Digestion of Liquid Cow Manure and Cheese Whey

A Cascaded Generalized Integral Control for Multiobjective Grid-Connected Solar Energy Transfer System

Text Baseline Recognition Using a Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network

Waste Willow-Bark from Salicylate Extraction Successfully Reused as an Amendment for Sewage Sludge Composting

Production of high value added amino acids and biofuels (H2 and CH4) from gelatinous industry wastewater via anaerobic biodegradation process

Islamophobia dalam Film Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2(Analisis Semiotika Roland Barthes)

Influence of Leachate and Nitrifying Bacteria on Photosynthetic Biogas Upgrading in a Two-Stage System

Optimization of Hydrolysis-Acidogenesis Phase of Swine Manure for Biogas Production Using Two-Stage Anaerobic Fermentation

Biological methanation of injected hydrogen in a two-stage anaerobic digestion process.

Performance of a two-stage partial nitritation-anammox system treating the supernatant of a sludge anaerobic digester pretreated by a thermal hydrolysis process

Enhancement of Biogas Production from Co-Digestion of Industrial Solid Pineapple Wastes by Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Internet of Things Smart Farming Architecture for Agricultural Automation

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Performance optimization for a combustion-based micro thermoelectric generator with two-stage thermoelectric module

The Role of HNO2 in the Generation of Plasma-Activated Water by Air Transient Spark Discharge

Monitoring and Diagnosis of Multistage Manufacturing Processes Using Hierarchical Bayesian Networks

Exergy Analysis of Two-Stage Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generation System

Improving treatment capacity and process stability via a two-stage anaerobic digestion of food waste combining solid-state acidogenesis and leachate methanogenesis/recirculation

Stochastic leader–follower DEA models for two-stage systems

Optimal Control of Semiactive Two-Stage Vibration Isolation Systems for Marine Engines

Deep learning detection of subtle fractures using staged algorithms to mimic radiologist search pattern

Enhanced methane production from cellulose using a two-stage process involving a bioelectrochemical system and a fixed film reactor

Integration of Fluidic Nozzles in the New Low Emission Dual Fuel Combustion System for MGT Gas Turbines

Optimizing multistage reverse electrodialysis for enhanced energy recovery from river water and seawater: Experimental and modeling investigation

The Role of Institutional Quality in Health Expenditure-Labour Force Participation Nexus in Africa

A computational model of familiarity detection for natural pictures, abstract images, and random patterns: Combination of deep learning and anti-Hebbian training.

Anthropometric Dimensions and Classroom Furniture Measurements Among Pre-school Students in Kerman, South East of Iran

Bot-Adversarial Dialogue for Safe Conversational Agents

Analysis of the agglomeration of Chinese manufacturing industries and its effect on economic growth in different regions after entering the new normal

Unsupervised Two-Stage Learning Framework for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing

Cognitive Impairment After Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review of Current Evidence and Knowledge Gaps

Two-stage DEA models with fairness concern: Modelling and computational aspects

Novel Data Augmentation Employing Multivariate Gaussian Distribution for Neural Network-Based Blood Pressure Estimation

Automatic Lung Nodule Detection in Thoracic CT Scans Using Dilated Slice-Wise Convolutions.

A Novel Grading System for Autism Severity Level Using Task-Based Functional MRI: A Response to Speech Study

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Upper-limit of performance improvement by using (quasi) two-stage vapor compression

Two-stage cultivation of microalgae for production of high-value compounds and biofuels: A review

Genetic optimization toward operation of water intake-supply pump stations system

Hybrid Distributed MRC With Imperfect CSI for MU-MIMO Systems

Linking physical activity to breast cancer: text mining results and a protocol for systematically reviewing three potential mechanistic pathways.

Efficient Facilitated Transport Polymer Membrane for CO2/CH4 Separation from Oilfield Associated Gas

Small Signal Modeling and Controller Design of Integrated Bidirectional Converter for PHEVs

Can the variance in membrane performance influence the design of organic solvent nanofiltration processes

Small Signal Modeling and Controller Design of Integrated Bidirectional Converter for PHEVs

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