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High-Efficiency Two-Dimensional Perfectly Vertical Grating Coupler With Ultra-Low Polarization Dependent Loss and Large Fibre Misalignment Tolerance

Multi-functional two-dimensional holographic grating based on silver pattern coated by azopolymer

Optical Modulation via Guided-Mode Resonance in an ITO-Loaded Distributed Bragg Reflector Topped With a Two-Dimensional Grating

Multidimensional angle sensing method using guided-mode resonance

A study of the inverse square law using LCD display projectors

Two-dimensional grating coupler on an X-cut lithium niobate thin-film.

Polarization diversity two-dimensional grating coupler on x-cut lithium niobate on insulator

Two Dimensional Gratings of Connected Holes for High Order Diffraction Suppression

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Two Dimensional Grating 2차원 격자

Two Dimensional Grating 2차원 격자
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