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Seismic Design of Offshore Wind Turbines: Good, Bad and Unknowns

Aerodynamic Performance Enhancement and Optimization of a H-rotor Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

A Novel Technique for Full-Field Deformation and Temperature Measurement by Ultraviolet Imaging: Experimental Design and Preliminary Results

Experimental study on seismic vibration control of an offshore wind turbine with TMD considering soil liquefaction effect

Computer Modeling of Wind Turbines: 1. ALE-VMS and ST-VMS Aerodynamic and FSI Analysis

A Review on the Meandering of Wind Turbine Wakes

Predictable changes in fish school characteristics due to a tidal turbine support structure

Review on configuration and control methods of tidal current turbines

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Turbine Structures 터빈 구조

Turbine Structures 터빈 구조
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