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A machine learning approach for active/reactive power control of grid-connected doubly-fed induction generators

Improving Transient Stability of Dual Stator-Winding Induction Generator-Based Wind Farms by Slip Frequency Control

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Optimal Prognostics and Health Management-driven inspection and maintenance strategies for industrial systems

Assessment of wet compression integrated with air-film blade cooling in gas turbine power plants

Voltage Stability of Wind Turbines Equipped with DFIG Based on PID-Based Control Method

Numerical Modelling of a Savonius Wind Turbine Using the URANS Turbulence Modelling Approach

Estimation of Useful Variables in Wind Turbines and Farms Using Neural Networks and Extended Kalman Filter

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Turbine Equipped 터빈 장착

Turbine Equipped 터빈 장착
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