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Significance of Asymptomatic Hyper Creatine-Kinase Emia.

Bile Salts: Natural Surfactants and Precursors of a Broad Family of Complex Amphiphiles.

Testing electrolyte supplementation for muscle cramp

Pembrolizumab-induced Ocular Myasthenia Gravis with Anti-titin Antibody and Necrotizing Myopathy

Pathological findings in a patient with non-dystrophic myotonia with a mutation of the SCN4A gene; a case report

Induction of human pluripotent stem cells into kidney tissues by synthetic mRNAs encoding transcription factors

Phenotype of a limb-girdle congenital myasthenic syndrome patient carrying a GFPT1 mutation

Clay nanotubes as a novel multifunctional excipient for the development of directly compressible diclofenac potassium tablets in a SeDeM driven QbD environment

Adsorption of polyelectrolytes onto the oppositely charged surface of tubular J-aggregates of a cyanine dye

Synthesis and self-assembly of chiral Gemini-shaped hexabenzocoronene amphiphiles

Modeling of excitonic properties in tubular molecular aggregates

Necrotizing autoimmune myopathy with tubular aggregates

Lack of NLRP3 inflammasome activation reduces age-dependent sarcopenia and mitochondrial dysfunction, favoring the prophylactic effect of melatonin.

Stormorken Syndrome: A Rare Cause of Myopathy With Tubular Aggregates and Dystrophic Features

Congenital Myopathies and Related Diseases

Novel compound heterozygous GFPT1 mutations in a family with limb-girdle myasthenia with tubular aggregates

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Tubular Aggregates 관형 골재

Tubular Aggregates 관형 골재
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