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Organic carbon stabilization controlled by geochemistry in tropical rainforest soils

The role of geochemistry in organic carbon stabilization against microbial decomposition in tropical rainforest soils

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Weathering sequence of soils along a basalt-sandstone toposequence in the Brazilian Cerrado

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Roots take up labeled nitrogen from a depth of 9 m in a wooded savanna in Brazil

Aluminous clay and pedogenic Fe oxides modulate aggregation and related carbon contents in soils of the humid tropics

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Legume–microbiome interactions unlock mineral nutrients in regrowing tropical forests

Biochar amendment did not influence the growth of two tree plantations on nutrient‐depleted Ultisols in the south Ecuadorian Amazon region

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Residual effects of corncob biochar on tropical degraded soil in central Uganda

Review of Large-Scale Biochar Field-Trials for Soil Amendment and the Observed Influences on Crop Yield Variations

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Using ultrasonic and microwave devices to dry and disperse soils with high Fe2O3 content from Brazil

Assessing the most sensitive and reliable endpoints in plant growth tests to improve arsenic risk assessment.

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Lead acetate ecotoxicity in tropical soils

Lead acetate ecotoxicity in tropical soils

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Potentials of Cement Kiln Dust-Periwinkle Shell Ash Blends on Plasticity Properties of Two Selected Tropical Soils for use as Sustainable Construction Materials

Thermally-induced changes in tropical soils properties and potential implications to sequential nature-based solutions.

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Characterization and nodulation capacity of native bacteria isolated from mung bean nodules used as a trap plant in Brazilian tropical soils

Combined Use of Vis-NIR and XRF Sensors for Tropical Soil Fertility Analysis: Assessing Different Data Fusion Approaches

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Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals novel insights into transcriptional responses to phosphorus starvation in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) root

Increased Iron-Carbon Interactions Under Long-Term Acid Deposition Enhance Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration in A Tropical Forest in Southern China

Genetic variation and differentiation of Quercus variabilis populations at phosphate and non-phosphate rock sites in southwestern China

Identification of minerals in subtropical soils with different textural classes by VIS–NIR–SWIR reflectance spectroscopy

Microbial dynamics associated with the decomposition of coconut and maize residues in a microcosm experiment with tropical soils under two nitrogen fertilization levels

Spatial Availability of Nitrogen and Pesticides in the Surface Layers of Agricultural Soils of Tropical Hydrosystems in the Wet Season: Case of the Béré Watershed in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa)

Prediction of soil nutrient content via pXRF spectrometry and its spatial variation in a highly variable tropical area

Proximal sensor-enhanced soil mapping in complex soil-landscape areas of Brazil

In situ nitrogen mineralization and nutrient release by soil amended with black soldier fly frass fertilizer

Increased seminal root number associated with domestication improves nitrogen and phosphorus acquisition in maize seedlings

Organic matter cycling along geochemical, geomorphic and disturbance gradients in forests and cropland of the African Tropics – Project TropSOC Database Version 1.0

Content and Accumulation of Macronutrients in Radish Seeds in Response to Sulfur and Organic Compost

Phosphorus deficiency in soils with red color: Insights from the interactions between minerals and microorganisms

Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals in Tropical Soils an Overview

Quantitative relationship between organic carbon and geochemical properties in tropical surface and subsurface soils

Environmental Magnetic Properties of Lateritic Soils from Southwestern India


Shale weathering profiles show Hg sequestration along a New York–Tennessee transect

Nitrogen deposition accelerates soil carbon sequestration in tropical forests

Effectiveness of different alpha lattice designs in the evaluation of maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes in a rainforest agro-ecology

Rapid soil fertility prediction using X-ray fluorescence data and machine learning algorithms

Clays are not created equal – effects of clay mineral type on soil hydraulic and mechanical properties

Pedogeomorphology and paleoenvironmental implications of large termite mounds at the Brazilian semiarid landscape

Contributions of Asian dust to subtropical soils of Southeast China based on Nd isotope

Evaluation of a Biochar-Based Slow-Release P Fertilizer to Improve Spinacia oleracea P Use, Yield, and Nutritional Quality

Improving the fertilizer value of sugarcane wastes through phosphate rock amendment and phosphate-solubilizing bacteria inoculation

Visual soil examination and evaluation in the sub-humid and semi-arid regions of Kenya

Plant growth-promoting mechanisms and genetic diversity of bacteria strains isolated from Brachiaria humidicola and Brachiaria decumbens.

Shifts on archaeal community structure in pure and mixed Eucalyptus grandis and Acacia mangium plantations

[Effects of Biochar Addition Under Different Water Management Conditions on N2O Emission From Paddy Soils in Northern Hainan].

60 years of fertilization and liming impacts on soil organic carbon stabilization in a sub-tropical Alfisol

Biogeographic Patterns of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities Along a Land-Use Intensification Gradient in the Subtropical Atlantic Forest Biome.

Humic Acid Improves Zn Fertilization in Oxisols Successively Cultivated with Maize–Brachiaria

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Subtropical Agriculture Fields Decrease Over Time

Diazotrophic population and soil nitrogen dynamics following coapplication of biochar with inorganic fertilizer in the humid tropics

Readily dispersible clay in soils from different Brazilian regions by visible, near, and mid-infrared spectral data

Adapting the QUEFTS model to predict attainable yields when training data are characterized by imperfect management

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Remineralizing soils? The agricultural usage of silicate rock powders: A review.

Geotechnics for Developing Africa

Root System Morphology of Ipê-Roxo Tree Grown in Soil Subjected to Phosphorus Application in Subtropical Climate Region

Impact of Land Use On The Variability of Soil Attributes Within Distinct Amazonian Environments

Dunite solubilization kinetics in silicon-magnesium fertilization

Long-term application of manure reduced nutrient leaching under heavy N deposition

Can N Fertilizer Addition Affect N2O Isotopocule Signatures for Soil N2O Source Partitioning?

Multi-Sensor Approach for Tropical Soil Fertility Analysis: Comparison of Individual and Combined Performance of VNIR, XRF, and LIBS Spectroscopies


Accounting for soil structure in pedo-transfer functions: swelling vs non swelling clays

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