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Food web and ecological models used to assess aquatic ecosystems submitted to aquaculture activities.

Muscle satellite cells and impaired late stage regeneration in different murine models for muscular dystrophies

Determining keystone species complexes and macroscopic properties for improving ecosystem‐based conservation practices in coral reefs along the western Caribbean Sea (Mexico and Honduras)

Estimates of density of mesopelagic fish in the Southern Ocean derived from bulk acoustic data collected by ships of opportunity

Lycopene protects against pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy by attenuating oxidative stress.

Fine-scale fronts as hotspots of fish aggregation in the open ocean

On the Geometry Arising in Some Meteorological Models in Two and Three Dimensions

Connecting a Trophic Model and Local Ecological Knowledge to Improve Fisheries Management: The Case of Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica

Quantitative Mapping of Fish Habitat: From Knowledge to Spatialised Fishery Management

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Trophic Models 트로피컬 모델

Trophic Models 트로피컬 모델
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