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Improving trend reversal estimation in forex markets under a directional changes paradigm with classification algorithms

Rapid increase of potential evapotranspiration weakens the effect of precipitation on aridity in global drylands

Observed changes in vapor pressure deficit suggest a systematic drying of the atmosphere in Xinjiang of China

Is COVID-19 a turning point in stopping global sourcing? Differentiating between declining continental and increasing transcontinental sourcing

The potential role of Monsoon-induced humidity in India’s unexpected Covid-19 case decline and subsequent rise considering seasonality

Longitudinal Course of Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers for the Prediction of Clinical Outcomes: a Review.

Groundwater nitrogen response to regional land-use management in South Japan

How Well Have Projected Lung Cancer Rates Predicted the Actual Observed Rates?

[Age-specific trends in risky drinking in Germany: collectivity or polarisation?]

Der verdrängte Keynes

Racism and Xenophobia in a Pandemic: Interactions of Online and Offline Worlds.

A novel branch current flow-based construction of microgrids

The effects of macroprudential policy on Hong Kong’s housing market: a multivariate ordered probit-augmented vector autoregressive approach

Increasing Firearm Deaths in The Youngest Americans: Ecologic Correlation with Firearm Prevalence

Of Democracy and Elections — in Reverse

Recent trend reversal for declining European seagrass meadows

Letter to the Editor (reply to Souty C et al.): The causes of long‐term trends in the epidemiology of influenza

The return of cities: the trajectory of Swiss cities from demographic loss to reurbanization

Global trends in lifespan inequality: 1950-2015

Are Global Value Chains Receding? The Jury Is Still Out. Key Findings from the Analysis of Deflated World Trade in Parts and Components

Desired soy sauce characteristics and autolysis of Aspergillus oryzae induced by low temperature conditions during initial moromi fermentation

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Would IOET Make Economics More Neoclassical or More Behavioral? Richard Thaler’s Prediction, a Revisit

Las elecciones europeas de 2019 y las fake news

A tri-modal distribution of age-of-onset in female patients with myasthenia gravis is associated with the gender-related clinical differences

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Trend Reversal 추세 반전

Trend Reversal 추세 반전
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