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An assessment of air passenger confidence a year into the COVID-19 crisis: A segmentation analysis of passengers in Norway

Impact of Perceived Risk on Tourist Satisfaction and Future Travel Intentions: A Mediation–Moderation Analysis

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COVID-19 pandemic and tourism: The impact of health risk perception and intolerance of uncertainty on travel intentions

Understanding Potential and Repeat Visitors’ Travel Intentions: The Roles of Travel Motivations, Destination Image, and Visitor Image Congruity

LSI-LSTM: An attention-aware LSTM for real-time driving destination prediction by considering location semantics and location importance of trajectory points

The Effect of Confirmation of Nation Brand Image in International Tourism Advertisement on Travel Intention of Foreign Tourists: The Case of Korean ITA for Chinese Tourists

Should I stay or should I go? Global COVID-19 pandemic influence on travel intentions of Bulgarian residents

Ceding to their fears: a taxonomic analysis of the heterogeneity in COVID-19 associated perceived risk and intended travel behaviour

Traveling with pets: Constraints, negotiation, and learned helplessness

Regional Travel as an Alternative Form of Tourism during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts of a Low-Risk Perception and Perceived Benefits

COVID-19 and Changing Tourism Demand: Research Review and Policy Implications for South Africa

Under the COVID-19 Environment, Will Tourism Decision Making, Environmental Risks, and Epidemic Prevention Attitudes Affect the People’s Firm Belief in Participating in Leisure Tourism Activities?

Preventing Re-Emergence of COVID-19: A National Survey of Public Risk Perceptions and Behavioural Intentions Concerning Travel Plan Among Taiwanese

How Are Destination Image and Travel Intention Influenced by Misleading Media Coverage? Consequences of COVID-19 Outbreak in China

Using discrete choice experiments to explore how bioecological attributes of sites drive birders’ preferences and willingness to travel

The impact of customer behaviour on travel intention abroad after a pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 on tourism in Malaysia

Is the Travel Bubble under COVID-19 a Feasible Idea or Not?

Itinerary-aware Personalized Deep Matching at Fliggy

How Chinese Students’ Travel Constraints Influence Their Travel Intentions in Thailand: Moderating Role of Cross-Cultural Adaptation

Theory of Planned Behavior, Past Behavior and Familiarity: Analysis of the Efficiency of these Predictors in the Intention to Visit Diamantina-MG Vesperata, Brazil

Evolving impacts of COVID-19 vaccination intentions on travel intentions

Narrative transportation and travel: The mediating role of escapism and immersion

Assessing the Impact of Online Advertising Towards Domestic Travel Intention: In the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic

Have coffee/tea, will travel: assessing the inclination towards sustainable coffee and tea tourism among the green generations

The Effects of COVID-19 Risk Perception on Travel Intention: Evidence From Chinese Travelers

Perception of Knowledge of the Risk of the COVID-19 Pandemic Regarding Touring Intentions and Tourism Travel Recommendations

Being a vegetarian traveller is not easy

Analysis of Public Transportation Competitiveness Based on Potential Passenger Travel Intentions: Case Study in Shanghai, China

Leisure travel behavior of generation Y & Z at the destination and post-purchase

Prospective tourists’ risk perceptions and intentions to travel to a mega-sporting event host country with apparent risk

Visiting Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism Sites: From Value Cognition to Attitude and Intention

How likely is your family to visit you? The effect of digital connectedness on intention to travel to Australia

Visiting the “enemy”: visitation in politically unstable destinations

Comparing Tablet and Virtual Reality Glasses for Watching Nature Tourism Videos

Participating in environmental loyalty program with a real-time multimodal travel app: User needs, environmental and privacy motivators

Barrage participation and feedback in travel reality shows: The effects of media on destination image among Generation Y

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Travel Intentions 여행 의도

Travel Intentions 여행 의도
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