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Trapping Behavior sentence examples within Charge Trapping Behavior

Nonvolatile organic field-effect transistor memory from pyrene-fused azaindacene regioisomers

Impact of Interlayer and Ferroelectric Materials on Charge Trapping During Endurance Fatigue of FeFET With TiN/HfxZr1-xO2/Interlayer/Si (MFIS) Gate Structure

Trapping Behavior sentence examples within Optical Trapping Behavior

Comparative study of the real-time optical trapping in the Rayleigh regime for continuous and femtosecond pulsed lasers

Plasmonic optical trapping of nanoparticles with precise angular selectivity.

Trapping Behavior sentence examples within Acid Trapping Behavior

Multiscale simulation of extreme ultraviolet nanolithography: impact of acid–base reaction on pattern roughness

Predicting herbicide movement across semi-permeable membranes using three phase partitioning.

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Trapping Behavior sentence examples within Light Trapping Behavior

Coupling structures for silicon solar cells: Impact of the refractive index

The broadband and omnidirectional antireflective performance of perovskite solar cells with curved nanostructures

Impact of the refractive index on coupling structures for silicon solar cells

Electrical Instability of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Network Thin-Film Transistors.

Positively-charged microcrystalline cellulose microparticles: Rapid killing effect on bacteria, trapping behavior and excellent elimination efficiency of biofilm matrix from water environment.

Analysis of the Effects of High-Energy Electron Irradiation of GaN High-Electron-Mobility Transistors Using the Voltage-Transient Method

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Frugality in Emerging Organizations: A Psychological Perspective of Resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship Contexts

DFT study on the nucleation of He bubbles in Pd: Effect of H and self-interstitial atoms

Atomistic Mechanism of 4 H - SiC/SiO2 Interface Carrier-Trapping Effects on Breakdown-Voltage Degradation in Power Devices

Characterization of Programmable Charge-Trap Transistors (CTTs) in Standard 28-nm CMOS for Nonvolatile Memory and Analog Arithmetic Applications

The influence of Cr on He trapping behavior and the coupling effect of Cr/He on the mechanical behavior of the C14-Laves Fe2W phase: First–principle and quasi-harmonic approximation studies

Mononuclear nickel(II) dithiolate complexes with chelating diphosphines: Insight into protonation and electrochemical proton reduction.

Low ON-State Resistance Normally-OFF AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMTs With Partially Recessed Gate and ZrOₓ Charge Trapping Layer

Segregation and coalescence behavior of helium bubbles in tungsten

Enhancing the Surface Flashover Strength of Polystyrene in Vacuum by Secondary Electron Emission Suppression through Cross-Linking.

Effects of gamma irradiation on GaN high-electron-mobility transistors characterized by the voltage-transient method

Direct axial plane imaging of particle manipulation with nondiffracting Bessel beams.

Effects of Zr and V additions on the stability and migration of He in bcc W: A first-principles study

Formation Mechanism and Fluorescence Characterization of a Transient Assembly of Nanoparticles Generated by Femtosecond Laser Trapping

Copper Phosphide-Enhanced Lower Charge Trapping Occurrence in Graphitic-C3N4 for Efficient Noble-Metal-Free Photocatalytic H2 Evolution.

Improving Charge Trapping/Detrapping Characteristics of Amorphous In-Ga-ZnO Thin-Film-Transistors Using Microwave Irradiation.

Charge transport in low density polyethylene based micro/nano-composite with improved thermal conductivity

Metallurgical evidence of stress induced hydrogen diffusion and corresponding crack nucleation behaviors of high-strength ferritic steel used in sour environment

Fabrication of large vaterite microspheres for optical trapping and rotation in high vacuum

Electronic Properties of {112} and {110} Twin Boundaries in Anatase TiO2

Selective trapping of hexagonally warped topological surface states in a triangular quantum corral

Influence of gas modifiers on the TIMS analysis of familiar explosives

Nanotraffic Lights: Rayleigh Scattering Microspectroscopyof Optically Trapped Octahedral Gold Nanoparticles

Graphene Nanostructure-Based Tactile Sensors for Electronic Skin Applications

Effects of mode couplings on the vibration characteristics of partially electroded thin-film bulk acoustic wave resonators

Cadmium trapping by C60 and B-, Si-, and N-doped C60

Facile Synthesis of Ti3C2Tx-Polyvinylpyrrolidone Nanocomposites for Nonvolatile Memory Devices with Low Switching Voltage.

Modelling of Fatigue Crack Initiation in Hydrogen Charged Polycrystalline Nickel

Trap and 1/f-noise effects at the surface and core of GaN nanowire gate-all-around FET structure

Bootstrapping variables in algebraic circuits

Improving optoelectrical properties of photoactive anatase TiO2 coating using rGO incorporation during plasma electrolytic oxidation

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Trapping Behavior 트래핑 동작

Trapping Behavior 트래핑 동작
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