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Proposal of a Multicriteria Method to Implement New Primary Health Care Units - a Case Study in São Carlos - SP

Analysis of Urban Service Reliability and Its Effect on Traffic Congestion

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A GD-PSO Algorithm for Smart Transportation Supply Chain ABS Portfolio Optimization

A robust two layer green supply chain modelling under performance based fuzzy game theoretic approach

Transport accessibility and social demand: A case study of the Tibetan Plateau

Association between mental health and community support in lockdown communities during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from rural China

needs-gap analysis of street space allocation

Exploratory Modeling and Analysis for Transportation: An Approach and Support Tool - TMIP-EMAT

A generalized Bayesian traffic model

Time Available at Destination: Tool to Evaluate the Quality of Public Transport Service and a Determinant of Mode Choice

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Transportation Supply 운송 공급

Transportation Supply 운송 공급
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