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A novel multi-objective optimization algorithm for the integrated scheduling of flexible job shops considering preventive maintenance activities and transportation processes

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Local surface plasmon resonance assisted energy harvesting in thin film organic solar cells

N-doped C dot/CoAl-layered double hydroxide/g-C3N4 hybrid composites for efficient and selective solar-driven conversion of CO2 into CH4

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Apparent wall slip effects on rheometric measurements of waxy gels

Microgel Particles at Interfaces: Phenomena, Principles, and Opportunities in Food Sciences.

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Sources of Uncertainties in Offsite Logistics of Modular Construction for High-Rise Building Projects

Bi-objective grey wolf optimization algorithm combined Levy flight mechanism for the FMC green scheduling problem


Monitoring of urban freight flows distribution considering the human factor



Stratigraphy of late Quaternary mountain slope landforms and deposits in southern Africa and their significance for the dynamics of mountain sediment systems


Sample bottle coated with sorbent as a novel solid-phase extraction device for rapid on-site detection of BTEX in water.

Features of determining capacity on double-way lines when passing high-speed passenger trains

Integration of Multi-Criteria Decision Support with Infrastructure of Smart Services for Sustainable Multi-Modal Transportation of Freights

Roads with underlying tar asphalt - spreading, bioavailability and toxicity of their polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Prediction of hydrate formation and plugging in the trial production pipes of offshore natural gas hydrates

The use of axial cyclone separator in the separation of wax from natural gas: A theoretical approach

Carbon-based materials as antistatic agents for the production of antistatic packaging: a review

Recent advances in the understanding of off-flavors in alcoholic beverages: Generation, regulation, and challenges

The environmental impact of nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) production in Mexico City, Mexico through a life cycle assessment (LCA)

Experimental study of flame morphology and size model of a horizontal jet flame impinging a wall

Binary integer modeling of the traffic flow optimization problem, in the case of an autonomous transportation system

Rapid Analysis of Trace Phthalates by Spray-Inlet Microwave Plasma Torch Ionization-Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Commercial Perfumes.

The future of coal supply in China based on non-fossil energy development and carbon price strategies

Variations in mineralogy of dust in an ice core obtained from northwestern Greenland over the past 100 years

Magnetic Internal Corrosion Detection Sensor for Exposed Oil Storage Tanks

Modelling the project transport support optimal option

Novel D-A-D type small-molecular hole transport materials for stable inverted perovskite solar cells

Design of Express Packaging Recycling System Based on Sustainable Concept

Intention towards Halal Logistics in Indonesia; What are the Important Factor?

New approach to solving the atmospheric pollutant dispersion equation using fractional derivatives

Changes in leaf functional traits of rainforest canopy trees associated with an El Niño event in Borneo

The effect of GHG emissions on production, inventory replenishment and routing decisions in a single vendor-multiple buyers supply chain

Investigating the solubility of petroleum asphaltene in ionic liquids and their interaction using COSMO-RS

Economic and Environmental Assessment of Gas Supply Chains Incorporating Shale Gas

Hourly PM2.5 Estimates from a Geostationary Satellite Based on an Ensemble Learning Algorithm and Their Spatiotemporal Patterns over Central East China

Economic attributes of quality and competitiveness on the market of road freight transport services

Colonization characteristics of bacterial communities on microplastics compared with ambient environments (water and sediment) in Haihe Estuary.

Distribution of rare earth elements in surface sediments of the western Gulf of Thailand: Constraints from sedimentology and mineralogy

Distributed Control of Stochastic Manufacturing Processes Based on Consensus Algorithms

Life Cycle Assessment of SEWGS Technology Applied to Integrated Steel Plants

Environmental Impacts of Reusable Transport Items: A Case Study of Pallet Pooling in a Retailer Supply Chain

Technology for determining strategic directions for the development of a regional transport and logistics system under digitalization

Preparation and Characterization of β-glucosidase Films for Stabilization and Handling in Dry Configurations.

LCA Case Study to LED Outdoor Luminaries as a Circular Economy Solution to Local Scale

Determination of 11 Phthalate Esters in Beverages by Magnetic Solid-Phase Extraction Combined with High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Full shift usage of smart glasses in order picking processes considering a methodical approach of continuous user involvement

Automation of the Solution to the Problem of Optimizing Traffic in a Multimodal Logistics System

New insights into methane hydrate dissociation: Utilization of molecular dynamics strategy

Durable Superhydrophobic/Superoleophilic Graphene-Based Foam for High-Efficiency Oil Spill Cleanups and Recovery.

Environmental and economic impacts of preemptive remanufacturing policies for block and stringer pallets

Late Miocene provenance evolution at the head of Central Canyon in the Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South China Sea

Maintenance logistics for IFMIF-DONES

BRUSCHETTA: An IoT Blockchain-Based Framework for Certifying Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supply Chain

Deformation of Cohesive Granular Materials: Micro influences Macro

Planning an Intermodal Terminal for the Sustainable Transport Networks

The use of novelettes for learning in a Criminology degree course

Highway Capacity Estimation: International Regulation and Neurostructural Remodeling Approach

Ultrathin metal/covalent-organic framework membranes towards ultimate separation.

Dynamic method of control of weight of cargo transported by a belt conveyor

Impact of Transportation on Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Locally vs. Non-locally Sourced Food

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Transportation Processes 운송 프로세스

Transportation Processes 운송 프로세스
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