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Potential distributional impacts of road pricing: a case study

Ecotechnologies as a Promising Component of Innovative Development of University Cities in Siberia: Increasing the Comfort of Living

Monocentric versus polycentric urban structure: Case study in Hong Kong

Transport infrastructure, accessibility and residential property values: evidence from Hong Kong

Consumption Access and Agglomeration: Evidence from Smartphone Data

Spatio-temporal evolution of cities and regional economic development in Nepal: Does transport infrastructure matter?

Development of the Cooperative Intelligent Transport System in Thailand: A Prospective Approach

Agglomeration, productivity and the role of transport system improvements

The impact of the Nottingham Workplace Parking Levy on travel to work mode share

Improvement of Losartan Transdermal Permeation using Oleic Acid Pretreatment: in Vitro Observation and in Vivo Prediction

What if Beijing had enforced the 1st or 2nd greenbelt? – Analyses from an economic perspective


Cost-benefit analysis of transport improvements in the presence of spillovers, matching and an income tax

Transport characteristics of deuterium and hydrogen plasmas with ion internal transport barrier in the Large Helical Device

Effects of Perceived Traffic Risks, Noise, and Exhaust Smells on Bicyclist Behaviour: An Economic Evaluation

Quantifying wider economic impacts of agglomeration for transport appraisal: existing evidence and future directions

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Transport Improvement 교통 개선

Transport Improvement 교통 개선
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