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Propagation, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Plumbago indica - A Review

Ethanolic Extract of Capparis decidua Fruit Ameliorates Methotrexate-Induced Hepatotoxicity by Activating Nrf2/HO-1 and PPARγ Mediated Pathways

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Efficient Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Constructions with Outsourced Encryption and Decryption

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Research on Intelligent Service Technology of Network Electromagnetic Space Situation Cloud Based on Cloud-Edge-Terminal Synergy

Traditional System sentence examples within Indian Traditional System

Impact of Royal Jelly on Infertility: A Review

Anti-diabetic effects of Holarrhena antidysentrica extracts: Results from a Longitudinal Meta-analysis

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Integrating Machine Learning, Radio Frequency Identification, and Consignment Policy for Reducing Unreliability in Smart Supply Chain Management

A novel Pythagorean fuzzy set integrated Choquet integral approach for vertical farming technology assessment

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Formulation development of folic acid conjugated PLGA nanoparticles for improved cytotoxicity of Caffeic acid phenethyl ester.

Shilajit an elixir of Ayurveda: A literary review of traditional usage as well as modern findings

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A Brief Overview of Potential Treatments for Viral Diseases Using Natural Plant Compounds: The Case of SARS-Cov

An Overview of Cloud-Based Secure Services for Enterprise Drug–Drug Interaction Systems

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Crash Consistent Non-Volatile Memory Express

Development of a sustainable community with an integrated renewable and waste to energy system for multiple useful outputs

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Efficient implementation of optical scanning holography in cancelable biometrics.

Automated Monitoring of Electricity Consumption Using LSTM-RNN and IoT

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Diseño e implementación de un sistema de bombeo para extracción de sal basado en energía fotovoltaica

Overview of Service Interface Design Approaches for Interoperability of Traditional System Integration Patterns

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Many Actors Amongst Multiple Renewables: A Systematic Review of Actor Involvement in Complementarity of Renewable Energy Sources

NK Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment as New Potential Players Mediating Chemotherapy Effects in Metastatic Melanoma

Traditional System sentence examples within Ancient Traditional System

Management of acute calculus cholecystitis with integrated Ayurveda and Yoga intervention: A case report

The journey with COVID-19: Initiatives by Ministry of AYUSH

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A new traffic congestion prediction strategy (TCPS) based on edge computing

Utilization of Seamless Learning as a Learning Model during Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

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Peminjaman Dan Pengembalian Buku Perpustakaan Dengan Metode Rapid Application Development Pada SMA Nusantara 1 Tangerang

Design of a System to Support Certification Management with an Adaptive Architecture

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Medium-Long Term Load Forecasting Model Based On System Dynamics And ImPACT Equation

Hierarchical Bayesian inference and spatial validation of socio-ecological system dynamics models: participatory modelling for Indigenous smallholder agriculture and food security in Guatemala

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Identification of Gaussian process with switching noise mode and missing data

A Performance-Driven MPC Algorithm for Underactuated Bridge Cranes

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The Research on Driving Meta-model of Large Rotary-type Cylindrical Antenna

Analysis of Design Characteristics of Intelligent System for Super High Rise Building Based on BIM Technology

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Waiting Cost Based Long-Run Network Investment Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

Locational Value of Distributed Energy Resources

Knowledge Extraction in Digit Recognition Using MNIST Dataset

Legitimation of Violence in the Civil Wars between the Marians and Sullans

Understanding and dealing with hard faults in persistent memory systems

Sistemas Tradicionais de Produção de Palma Forrageira ‘Gigante’ em Agroecossistemas do Semiárido Baiano

Brain epilepsy seizure detection using bio-inspired krill herd and artificial alga optimized neural network approaches


Gender Adaptation Strategy to The Impact of Forest and Land Fire in Kelampangan Village Peatland, Sebangau, Central Kalimantan

Marriage, Health, and Old-Age Support: Risk to Rural Involuntary Bachelors’ Family Development in Contemporary China

Herbal Immune Booster-Induced Liver Injury in the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Case Series

Learning basic concept of computer programming with path-finding task in ar and its properties

Quantum non-demolition measurement of microwave field based on atomic superhet

The Role of Throughput Accounting in Maximizing Profits: Application Search in the General Company for Textile Industry / Cotton Factory

Overview of the traditional systems of medicine in different continents during postwar recovery

A Statistical Methodology for Impact Study on Irrigation Tank Rehabilitation


Russia and the Melkites of Syria: Attempts at Reconverting into Orthodoxy in the 1850-s and 1860-s

Evaluation of the anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant activities of a novel phytochemical formulation

Design of a robot target recognition system based on deep learning algorithms

Enabling Proxy-Free Privacy-Preserving and Federated Crowdsourcing by Using Blockchain

IoT based less-contact system on sauce production for small enterprises

Ethnobotanical Aspects of Mentawai Traditional Agricultural System (Pumonean) and Its Implications for the Conservation of Local Germplasm in Siberut, Mentawai, Indonesia

Measurement and modelling of a linear electromagnetic actuator driven camless valve train for spark ignition IC engines under full load condition

Transport Management for Evacuation of Victims

Operational Definition of Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine Derived from a Systematic Search

The Organic Rankine Cycle: A Promising Technology for Electricity Generation and Thermal Pollution Mitigation

Installation of fuel cell-based cogeneration systems in the commercial and retail sector: Assessment in the framework of the COMSOS project

Novelty Detection in Physical Activity

Development of a Data Analytics Platform for an Electrical/Water Microgrid

Morphological, anatomical and preliminary phytochemical characterization of Buddleja madagascariensis Lam.