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Characterization of UV and chlorine contributions to transformation of 2,3,4-trihydroxybenzophenone under combined UV-chlorine treatment.

Treatment of iodine-containing water by the UV/NH2Cl process: Dissolved organic matters transformation, iodinated trihalomethane formation and toxicity variation.

Optimized Photo-Fenton degradation of psychoactive pharmaceuticals alprazolam and diazepam using a chemometric approach-Structure and toxicity of transformation products.

Evolutionary and ecological processes influencing chemical defense variation in an aposematic and mimetic Heliconius butterfly

Comparative analysis on the photolysis kinetics of four neonicotinoid pesticides and their photo-induced toxicity to Vibrio Fischeri: Pathway and toxic mechanism.

A review on the degradation efficiency, DBP formation, and toxicity variation in the UV/chlorine treatment of micropollutants

Photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline by metal-organic frameworks modified with Bi2WO6 nanosheet under direct sunlight.

β-Phenylethylamine and various monomethylated and para-halogenated analogs. Acute toxicity studies in mice

Degradation of glucocorticoids in water by dielectric barrier discharge and dielectric barrier discharge combined with calcium peroxide: performance comparison and synergistic effects

Phytotoxicity of individual and binary mixtures of rare earth elements (Y, La, and Ce) in relation to bioavailability.

Reaction of fleroxacin with chlorine and chlorine dioxide in drinking water distribution systems: Kinetics, transformation mechanisms and toxicity evaluations

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Toxicity Variation 독성 변화

Toxicity Variation 독성 변화
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