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Photodegradation mechanism and influencing factors of asthma drug salmeterol under UV irradiation

A comparative study on the effects of selected pesticides on hemato-biochemistry and tissue histology of freshwater fish Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton, 1822)

Action of Surfactants in Driving Ecotoxicity of Microplastic-Nano Metal Oxides Mixtures: A Case Study on Daphnia magna under Different Nutritional Conditions

phase1RMD: An R package for repeated measures dose-finding designs with novel toxicity and efficacy endpoints

Hazard Assessment of Polymeric Nanobiomaterials for Drug Delivery: What Can We Learn From Literature So Far

Toxicity trends in E-Waste: A comparative analysis of metals in discarded mobile phones.

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Toxicity Trends 독성 경향

Toxicity Trends 독성 경향
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