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Toxicity Models sentence examples within Acute Toxicity Models

PEGylated LyeTx I-b peptide is effective against carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in an in vivo model of pneumonia and shows reduced toxicity.

Production and Characterization of Chitooligosaccharides: Evaluation of Acute Toxicity, Healing, and Anti-Inflammatory Actions

Toxicity Models sentence examples within Qsar Toxicity Models

Predictive Capability of QSAR Models Based on the CompTox Zebrafish Embryo Assays: An Imbalanced Classification Problem

Toxicity profiling of 24 l-phenylalanine derived ionic liquids based on pyridinium, imidazolium and cholinium cations and varying alkyl chains using rapid screening Vibrio fischeri bioassay.

Toxicity Models sentence examples within Mixture Toxicity Models

Assessing the Toxicity of Mine-Water Mixtures and the Effectiveness of Water Quality Guideline Values in Protecting Local Aquatic Species.

Evaluation of estrogenic and antiestrogenic activity in sludge and explanation of individual compound contributions.

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From Toxicity in Online Comments to Incivility in American News: Proceed with Caution

Development of a living mammalian cell-based biosensor for the monitoring and evaluation of synergetic toxicity of cadmium and deoxynivalenol.

Selection of safe artemisinin derivatives using a machine learning-based cardiotoxicity platform and in vitro and in vivo validation

Are root elongation assays suitable for establishing metallic anion ecotoxicity thresholds

NanoTox: Development of a parsimonious in silico model for toxicity assessment of metal-oxide nanoparticles using physicochemical features

Comparison of Cellular Morphological Descriptors and Molecular Fingerprints for the Prediction of Cytotoxicity- and Proliferation-Related Assays.

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Berberine in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Nanotechnology Enabled Targeted Delivery.

Long Term Exposure to Virgin and Recycled LDPE Microplastics Induced Minor Effects in the Freshwater and Terrestrial Crustaceans Daphnia magna and Porcellio scaber

NanoTox: Development of a Parsimonious In Silico Model for Toxicity Assessment of Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles Using Physicochemical Features

More Toxicity Models 독성 모델 sentence examples

Scar Formation and Debris Elimination during Hair Cell Degeneration in the Adult DTR Mouse

The microalga Phaeocystis antarctica is tolerant to salinity and metal mixture toxicity interactions.

Recent advances in the development of in vitro liver models for hepatotoxicity testing

In silico Predictive Phytotoxicity Modeling of lactuca sativa of Personal Care Product Ingredients

The therapeutic effect of Cilastatin on drug-induced nephrotoxicity: a new perspective.

Erodium birandianum Ilarslan & Yurdak. shows anti-gout effect through xanthine oxidase inhibition: Combination of in vitro and in silico techniques and profiling of main components by LC-Q-ToF-MS

Angelica sinensis polysaccharide (ASP) attenuates diosbulbin-B (DB)-induced hepatotoxicity through activating the MEK/ERK pathway.

Peptide Szeto-Schiller 31 ameliorates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity by inhibiting the activation of the p38 MAPK signaling pathway

In vitro toxicity model: Upgrades to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical research

Effects of Photoperiod on Acetaminophen-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice

Effects of Amanita muscaria extract on different in vitro neurotoxicity models at sub-cellular and cellular levels.

Effects of resveratrol on alpha-amanitin-induced nephrotoxicity in BALB/c mice

PGC1α activation by pterostilbene ameliorates acute doxorubicin cardiotoxicity by reducing oxidative stress via enhancing AMPK and SIRT1 cascades

The effect of salinity and alkalinity on growth and the accumulation of copper and zinc in the Chlorophyta Ulva fasciata.

Abstract 677: A precision dosing application for prostate cancer chemotherapy

ADMET Prediction of Dual PPARα/γ Agonists for Identification of Potential Anti-diabetic Agents

Size-Dependent Sensitivity of Aquatic Insects to Metals

Preclinical safety evaluation of the aqueous extract from Mangifera indica Linn. (Anacardiaceae): genotoxic, clastogenic and cytotoxic assessment in experimental models of genotoxicity in rats to predict potential human risks.

Population response modeling and habitat suitability of Cobitis choii fish species in South Korea for climate change adaptation.

Validation of the performance of TIMES genotoxicity models with EFSA pesticide data

gBOIN: a unified model‐assisted phase I trial design accounting for toxicity grades, and binary or continuous end points

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Toxicity Models 독성 모델

Toxicity Models 독성 모델
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