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Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Renal Toxicity Caused

Tryptophan Pathway-Targeted Metabolomics Study on the Mechanism and Intervention of Cisplatin-Induced Acute Kidney Injury in Rats.

Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Ameliorates Dimethylnitrosamine Induced Renal Toxicity in Rat

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Potential Toxicity Caused

A novel self-coated polydopamine nanoparticle for synergistic photothermal-chemotherapy.

Small-Molecule Prodrug Nanoassemblies: An Emerging Nanoplatform for Anticancer Drug Delivery.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Reproductive Toxicity Caused

Palliative effects of metformin on testicular damage induced by triptolide in male rats.

Effects of Methanol Extract of Senna Podocarpa leaf on the Reproductive Parameters of Male Wistar Rats Following lead Acetate Toxicity

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Systemic Toxicity Caused

Systemic toxicity eliciting metal ion levels from metallic implants and orthopedic devices - A Mini Review.

Primaquine Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN), Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC), and Nanoemulsion (NE): Effect of Lipid Matrix and Surfactant on Drug Entrapment, in vitro Release, and ex vivo Hemolysis.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Liver Toxicity Caused

Hepatoprotective Effect of Papaya Seed Ethanol Extract on Rifampicin Isoniazid-induced Rats

Intervention of Gastrodin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Its Mechanism

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Testicular Toxicity Caused

Protective Effects of Taif Rosewater Against Testicular Impairment Induced By Lead Intoxication In Rats

Thymol alleviates imidacloprid-induced testicular toxicity by modulating oxidative stress and expression of steroidogenesis and apoptosis-related genes in adult male rats.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Developmental Toxicity Caused

The effects of cadmium on the development of Drosophila and its transgenerational inheritance effect.

Maternal and developmental toxicity induced by Nanoalumina administration in albino rats and the potential preventive role of the pumpkin seed oil

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Cell Toxicity Caused

Enterococcal PrgU Provides Additional Regulation of Pheromone-Inducible Conjugative Plasmids

Rapid Detection and Signaling of DNA Damage by PARP-1.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Cardiovascular Toxicity Caused

Difenoconazole induces cardiovascular toxicity through oxidative stress-mediated apoptosis in early life stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Melatonin mitigated circadian disruption and cardiovascular toxicity caused by 6-benzylaminopurine exposure in zebrafish.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Acute Toxicity Caused

Modelling of possible tanker accident oil spills in the Istanbul Strait in order to demonstrate the dispersion and toxic effects of oil pollution

Acute toxicity from the synthetic cathinone N-ethylpentylone (ephylone) in the United Kingdom.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Gastrointestinal Toxicity Caused

Antibiotic-induced disruption of the microbiome exacerbates chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea and can be mitigated with autologous faecal microbiota transplantation.

Irinotecan and berberine co-delivery liposomes showed improved efficacy and reduced intestinal toxicity compared with Onivyde for pancreatic cancer.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Retinal Toxicity Caused

Letter to the Editor re: “Unintentional Staining of the Anterior Vitreous with Trypan Blue During Cataract Surgery”

Safety of perfluorocarbon liquids cannot be the retinologist’s responsibility

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Target Toxicity Caused

Development of an antibody-like T-cell engager based on VH-VL heterodimer formation and its application in cancer therapy.

Omega-3 fatty acid treatment combined with chemotherapy to prevent toxicity, drug resistance, and metastasis in cancer.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Tolerating Toxicity Caused

Compensating complete loss of signal recognition particle during co-translational protein targeting by the translation speed and accuracy

Compensating Complete Loss of Signal Recognition Particle During Co-translational Protein Targeting by the Translation Speed and Accuracy

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Ovarian Toxicity Caused


Therapy of Endocrine Disease: Novel protection and treatment strategies for chemotherapy-associated ovarian damage.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Cardiac Toxicity Caused

Trimetazidine improved adriamycin‐induced cardiomyopathy by downregulating TNF‐α, BAX, and VEGF immunoexpression via an antioxidant mechanism

Benoxacor caused developmental and cardiac toxicity in zebrafish larvae.

Toxicity Caused sentence examples within Tissue Toxicity Caused

A standardized extract of Ziziphus jujuba Mill protects against adriamycin-induced liver, heart, and brain toxicity: An oxidative stress and biochemical approach.

PMPC Modified PAMAM Dendrimer Enhances Brain Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery.

Case Report: A Case Series Linked to Vitamin D Excess in Pet Food: Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) Toxicity Observed in Five Cats

Combination of Palmitic Acid and Methylseleninic Acid Induces Mitochondria-Dependent Apoptosis via Attenuation of the IRE1α Arm and Enhancement of CHOP in Hepatoma

Galaxaura elongata Extract (GE) Modulates Vanadyl Sulfate-Induced Renal Damage via Regulating TGF-β/Smads and Nrf2/NF-κB Pathways.

Quantitative evaluation of chromosomal rearrangements in gene-edited human stem cells by CAST-Seq.

Cardioprotective effect of hydroalcoholic leaf extract of Jatropha mollissima on isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rats

Investigation of the Protective Effects of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester against Cisplatin-induced Liver Damage in Rats

Loss of peptide:N-glycanase causes proteasome dysfunction mediated by a sugar-recognizing ubiquitin ligase

More Toxicity Caused 독성 유발 sentence examples

Interplay between genotoxic factors formaldehyde and UV-B exacerbates genome instability in Arabidopsis

Case Study 6: Deconvoluting Hyperbilirubinemia-Differentiating Between Hepatotoxicity and Reversible Inhibition of UGT1A1, MRP2, or OATP1B1 in Drug Development.

Protective Effect of Selenomethionine on T-2 Toxin-Induced Rabbit Immunotoxicity.

Hybrid Nanoparticles as a Novel Tool for Regulating Psychosine-Induced Neuroinflammation and Demyelination In Vitro and Ex vivo.

A review of alternative intravenous acetylcysteine regimens for acetaminophen overdose

A bioactive ligand-conjugated iridium(III) metal-based complex as a Keap1-Nrf2 protein-protein interaction inhibitor against acetaminophen-induced acute liver injury.

Fluorescence microscopy datasets for training deep neural networks

Spontaneous poisoning by Cestrum intermedium in dairy cattle

Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy for Mouse Models of Pleural Dissemination.

Curcumin ligand based iridium(III) complexes as inhibition and visualization agent of beta-amyloid fibrillation

Natural Alkaloid Compounds as Inhibitors for Alpha-Synuclein Seeded Fibril Formation and Toxicity

Curcumin and its derivatives in cancer therapy: Potentiating antitumor activity of cisplatin and reducing side effects.

The protective effects of hesperidin and curcumin on 5-fluorouracil–induced nephrotoxicity in mice

Can parabens be added to cosmetics without posing a risk to human health? A systematic review of its toxic effects

Nanofibrous scaffold by cleaner magnetron-sputtering additive manufacturing: A novel biocompatible platform for antibacterial application

Influence of water pH in the hepato- and nephrotoxicity of chronic cadmium poisoning in Wistar rats

Quinoxaline derivatives as herbicide safeners by improving Zea mays tolerance

Postconditioning with Sevoflurane or Propofol Alleviates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Neuroinflammation but Exerts Dissimilar Effects on the NR2B Subunit and Cognition.

Can magnesium sulfate prophylaxis reduce colistin nephrotoxicity?

Metronidazole-induced reversible cerebellar dysfunction

In vivo assessment of reversing aminoglycoside antibiotics nephrotoxicity using Jatropha mollissima crude extract.

The role of iron in doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity: recent advances and implication for drug delivery.

Influence of fine particulate matter and its pure particulate fractions on pulmonary immune cells and cytokines in mice

Effects of Oleuropein on Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide Combination Treatment in Rats

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