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Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Vitro Toxicity Assessments

Endogenous NO-release Carbon Nanodots for Tumor-specific Gas Therapy.

Colloidally Stable P(DMA-AGME)-Ale-Coated Gd(Tb)F3:Tb3+(Gd3+),Yb3+,Nd3+ Nanoparticles as a Multimodal Contrast Agent for Down- and Upconversion Luminescence, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Computed Tomography

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Vivo Toxicity Assessments

Antimicrobial and toxicological evaluation of Origanum vulgare: an in vivo study.

Engineering of stealth (maghemite/PLGA)/chitosan (core/shell)/shell nanocomposites with potential applications for combined MRI and hyperthermia against cancer.

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Direct Toxicity Assessments

Assessing the Toxicity of Mine-Water Mixtures and the Effectiveness of Water Quality Guideline Values in Protecting Local Aquatic Species.

The effects of pulse exposures of metal toxicants on different life stages of the tropical copepod Acartia sinjiensis.

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Conventional Toxicity Assessments

Mass Cytometry Study on the Heterogeneity in Cellular Association and Cytotoxicity of Silver Nanoparticles in Human Immune Cells

Zebrafish as a Model Organism to Study Nanomaterial Toxicity

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Silico Toxicity Assessments

Marine-Derived Natural Products as ATP-Competitive mTOR Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer Therapeutics

Research tools for extrapolating the disposition and pharmacokinetics of nanomaterials from preclinical animals to humans

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Environmental Toxicity Assessments

Toxicity of the Zinc Oxide and Vermiculite/Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials.

Hydra as an alternative model organism for toxicity testing: Study using the endocrine disrupting chemical Bisphenol A

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Chemical Toxicity Assessments

Regulatory Perspectives on Juvenile Animal Toxicologic Pathology.

Identifying Attributes That Influence In Vitro-to-In Vivo Concordance by Comparing In Vitro Tox21 Bioactivity Versus In Vivo DrugMatrix Transcriptomic Responses Across 130 Chemicals

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Systemic Toxicity Assessments

Application of HER2 peptide vaccines in patients with breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

An Orthogonal Methods Assessment of Topical Drug Concentrations in Skin and the Impact for Risk Assessment in the Viable Epidermis.

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within Aquatic Toxicity Assessments

Toxicity Testing of Effluent-Dominated Stream Using Predictive Molecular-Level Toxicity Signatures Based on High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: A Case Study of the Lubbock Canyon Lake System.

Signposts for Aquatic Toxicity Evaluation in China: Text Mining using Event-Driven Taxonomy within and among Regions.

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within toxicity assessments may

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Dosimetric Parameters and Patient-Reported Outcomes of Acute Toxicity.

A new synthetic antifouling coatings integrated novel aminothiazole-functionalized ionic liquids motifs with enhanced antibacterial performance

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within toxicity assessments indicated

Folic acid-functionalized gadolinium-loaded phase transition nanodroplets for dual-modal ultrasound/magnetic resonance imaging of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Effects of Quercetin-Loaded Nanoparticles on MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cells

Toxicity Assessments sentence examples within toxicity assessments showed

Experimental and computational study of hydrolysis and photolysis of antibiotic ceftriaxone: Degradation kinetics, pathways, and toxicity.

A flexible and biocompatible bombyx mori silk fibroin/wool keratin composite scaffold with interconnective porous structure.

Improving reliability and reducing costs of cardiotoxicity assessments using laser-induced cell poration on microelectrode arrays.

Using Advanced Optical Sensing to Quantify Phytotoxicity in Ornamental Plants

What are the competency requirements for clinical pharmacist verification of systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) prescribed within a clinical trial? A consensus study.

Mouse Bioassay Acute and Subchronic Safety Assessment of Biomass from Swine Wastewater Phycoremediation

CoNiZn and CoNiFe Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Physical Characterization, and In Vitro Cytotoxicity Evaluations

Synthesis, Surface Nitriding and Characterization of Ti-Nb Modified 316L Stainless Steel Alloy Using Powder Metallurgy

Ionic liquids as capping agents of silver nanoparticles. Part II: Antimicrobial and cytotoxic study

Assessment of cytotoxicity and antioxidant properties of berry leaves as by-products with potential application in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products

Toxicity evaluation of cadmium-containing quantum dots: A review of optimizing physicochemical properties to diminish toxicity.

Opportunities and Challenges in Biomedical Applications of Metal–Organic Frameworks

Acute, Sub-Acute and Genotoxicity Assessment of Cocculus hirsutus Hydroalcoholic Leaf Extract in Wistar Rats

Green synthesis of colloidal selenium nanoparticles in starch solutions and investigation of their photocatalytic, antimicrobial, and cytotoxicity effects

A Modified Limiting Dilution Method for Monoclonal Stable Cell Line Selection Using a Real-Time Fluorescence Imaging System: A Practical Workflow and Advanced Applications

Application of an in Vitro Assay to Identify Chemicals That Increase Estradiol and Progesterone Synthesis and Are Potential Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Arrabidaea chica Verlot fractions reduce MIA-induced osteoarthritis progression in rat knees.

Quantifying Risk of Ipsilateral Arm Lymphedema Causing Functional Impairment in Breast Cancer Patients: Results From a Prospective, Multi-Centre International Study of Treatment Toxicity.

Copper-Doped Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Powders: Dopant Release, Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Properties

ROS-based dynamic therapy synergy with modulating tumor cell-microenvironment mediated by inorganic nanomedicine

Predicting cytotoxicity of binary pollutants towards a human cell panel in environmental water by experimentation and deep learning methods.

Environmental Toxicity Assessment: state of the art and future directions in a world of arising threats


Control of disinfection byproducts in drinking water treatment plants: Insight into activated carbon filter.

Distribution analysis of hydrogel spacer and evaluation of rectal dose reduction in Japanese prostate cancer patients undergoing stereotactic body radiation therapy

Indicators of water biotoxicity obtained from turn-off microbial electrochemical sensors.

Lipid-based nanostructures as a strategy to enhance curcumin bioaccessibility: Behavior under digestion and cytotoxicity assessment.

Chirality, a neglected physico-chemical property of nanomaterials? A mini-review on the occurrence and importance of chirality on their toxicity.

Bioactivity Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Network

Universal existence of fluorescent carbon dots in beer and assessment of their potential toxicity

Fine Particulate Matter-induced Toxic Effects in an Animal Model of Caenorhabditis elegans

Functional transepithelial transport measurements to detect nephrotoxicity in vitro using the RPTEC/TERT1 cell line

Minocycline for Symptom Reduction during Oxaliplatin-Based Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer: A Phase II Randomized Clinical Trial.

Insights into a CQD-SnNb2O6/BiOCl Z-scheme system for the degradation of benzocaine: Influence factors, intermediate toxicity and photocatalytic mechanism

A review of toxicity induced by persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

Decision Framework for the environmental management of explosive contaminated land.

Human pluripotent stem cell-derived alveolar epithelial cells are alternatives for in vitro pulmotoxicity assessment

Effects of ionic strength on physicochemical properties and toxicity of silver nanoparticles.

A review of sources, multimedia distribution and health risks of novel fluorinated alternatives.

Maltase-glucoamylase inhibition potency and cytotoxicity of pyrimidine-fused compounds: An in silico and in vitro approach

Proteomic analysis of the hepatotoxicity of Microcystis aeruginosa in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) and its potential mechanisms.

Surface characterization and chemical speciation of adsorbed iron(iii) on oxidized carbon nanoparticles.

New theoretical insight into indirect photochemical transformation of fragrance nitro-musks: Mechanisms, eco-toxicity and health effects.

An ecotoxicological assessment of mine tailings from three Norwegian mines.

Toxicity assessment of the herbicide acetochlor in the human liver carcinoma (HepG2) cell line.

Black Phosphorus Cytotoxicity Assessments Pitfalls: Advantages and Disadvantages of Metabolic and Morphological Assays.

Multi-site study of an in vivo phototoxicity evaluation in Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats aimed at incorporating the phototoxicity assessments: effects of repeated administration and toxicokinetic blood collection on drug-induced phototoxicity

Express assessment of neurotoxicity of particles of planetary and interstellar dust

Host Developmental Toxicity of BPA and BPA Alternatives Is Inversely Related to Microbiota Disruption in Zebrafish

Stereotactic body radiotherapy with periprostatic hydrogel spacer for localized prostate cancer: toxicity profile and early oncologic outcomes

Long-term Data from the Swedish National Environmental Monitoring Program of Pesticides in Surface Waters.

Generation of expandable human pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like liver organoids.

In-vitro dissolution characteristics and human adipose stem cell response to novel borophosphate glasses.

Safety and Toxicity Counts of Nanocosmetics

Toxicity Assessments of Micro- and Nanoplastics Can Be Confounded by Preservatives in Commercial Formulations

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