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Determinants of memorable sightseeing bus-tour experiences: identifying and evaluating destination related attributes

Analysis of antecedents and consequences of memorable tourist experiences (MTEs): A Spanish case study

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Nocturnal ritual activities in tourist development of pilgrimage cities

Comunicação on-line e off-line para marca-país: um estudo exploratório sobre a Marca Brasil

Tourist Experiences sentence examples within Improve Tourist Experiences

Destination Image Recognition And Emotion Analysis: Evidence From User-Generated Content Of Online Travel Communities

Destination Service Encounter Modeling and Relationships with Tourist Satisfaction

Tourist Experiences sentence examples within Specific Tourist Experiences

Tourism in Neuroscience Framework/Cultural Neuroscience, Mirror Neurons, Neuroethics

Tourism experiences, memorability and behavioural intentions: a study of tourists in Sardinia, Italy

Tourist Experiences sentence examples within Enhanced Tourist Experiences

Designing enhanced augmented reality tourism experiences: a multi-stakeholder approach

Designing Valuable Augmented Reality Tourism Application Experiences

Tourist Experiences sentence examples within Positive Tourist Experiences


Measuring eudaimonic travel experiences

Tourist Experiences sentence examples within New Tourist Experiences

Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Mobile Virtual Tour Menggunakan Foto 360° dengan Objek Penelitian Museum Nasional :

The River Thames: London’s Riparian Highway

Tourist Experiences sentence examples within Enhancing Tourist Experiences

Gastronomic trails as service ecosystems

Establishment and Application of an Evaluation Model for Orchid Island Sustainable Tourism Development

Local residents’ contribution to tourist experiences: a community perspective from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Can Animals Be the Key to the Development of Tourism: A Case Study of Livestock in Agritourism

Autonomous Shuttle-as-a-Service (ASaaS): Challenges, Opportunities, and Social Implications

Exploring “gothic tourism”: a new form of urban tourism?

Reaching audiences through travel vlogs: The perspective of involvement

Customer knowledge management and smart tourism destinations: a framework for the smart management of the tourist experience - SMARTUR

The search for the truest of authenticities: Online travel stories and their depiction of the authentic in the platform economy

Thermal benefit of igloos in extremely cold conditions in Harbin, China

The potential of forgotten and hidden Zagreb historical cemeteries in the design of ‘dark’ tourist experiences

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Tourism: Rescuing Authenticity

Community participation as a driver of sustainable tourism. The case of an Italian village: Marettimo Island

Bridging eastern and non-eastern Turkey: A study on the effectiveness of a tourism-based intervention

Development and validation of a tourist experience scale for cultural and creative industries parks

Interaction as a Central Element of Co-Creative Wine Tourism Experiences—Evidence from Bairrada, a Portuguese Wine-Producing Region


Tourists in the garden; human health and happiness and the semiotics of garden visiting.

From netnography to segmentation for the description of the rural tourism market based on tourist experiences in Spain

An Assessment of Tourists’ Shopping Experiential and Loyalty Intentions in Malaysian Outlet Shopping Malls

Cover the ice or ski on grass?

Understanding of Travel Motivations of Domestic Tourists

Coastal tourism, market segmentation and contested landscapes

Co-creation of the ski-chalet community experiencescape

Fairytale authenticity: historic city tourism, Harry Potter, medievalism and the magical gaze

Environment and Tourism: An Interactive and Creative Relation—The Cases of Vorres Museum and a Cultural Network of Cities

Digital Rovaniemi: contemporary and future arctic tourist experiences

Quarto de Despejo no Palco: Staging Authenticity in Representations of Brazilian Poverty

Translating Performancescapes: From Gazing to Doing

Visitor experiences at UNESCO monasteries in Northeast Romania

Facilitating self-development: how tour guides broker spiritual tourist experiences

Intellectual connections in tourism studies

Tourist Imaginary and Photographic Practices in a Historical and Recreational Place in Mexico

Utilising Crowd Information of Tourist Spots in an Interactive Tour Recommender System

Geopolitical imaginaries and Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in the desert

Tropical and Eastern Paris: architecture, representation and tourism in Brazil and China

Acessível ou não? Eis a questão! Analisando a acessibilidade do Centro Histórico de Paraty (RJ) por meio da experiência turística da pessoa com deficiência física

Bommies away! Logistics and early effects of repositioning 400 tonnes of displaced coral colonies following cyclone impacts on the Great Barrier Reef

Indigenous communities of colombian amazon trapeze: social imaginaries and tourism

Importancia de las relaciones con los públicos en la reputación en un destino turístico inteligente. Propuesta de un modelo sostenible / Importance of public relations for the reputation in a Smart Tourist Destination. A proposal of a sustainable model

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