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Technology-Organization-Environment Model and Technology Acceptance Model in Adoption of Social Media Marketing on SMEs Tourism

CSR Communication among Tourism SMEs through Their Websites

Impacts on and Responses of Tourism SMEs and MEs on the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Case of Norway

Adoption of Circular Economy and Environmental Certifications: Perceptions of Tourism SMEs

Policy Responses to Critical Issues for the Digital Transformation of Tourism SMEs: Evidence from Greece

The role of market uncertainty in fostering innovation and green supply chain management on the performance of tourism SMEs

Tourism SME sustainability social and economic challenges during pandemic: cases of Russian Federation, Georgia and Latvia

An empirical study on factors affecting the acceptance of M-commerce application among small and medium-sized tourism enterprises by integrating TTF with TAM

Destination social capital and innovation in SMEs tourism firms: an empirical analysis in an adverse socio-economic context

Leading innovation among tourism small and medium enterprises

Canadian SMES in the Tourism Sector: A Taxonomy of Owner-Managers

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Tourism Smes 관광 중소기업

Tourism Smes 관광 중소기업
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