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Tourism Model sentence examples within Sustainable Tourism Model

Designing Sustainable Tourism Experiences for the Tourists of Tomorrow


Tourism Model sentence examples within Responsible Tourism Model

Conceptualizing sustainable–responsible tourism indicators: an interpretive structural modeling approach

Measuring Overtourism: A Necessary Tool for Landscape Planning

Tourism Model sentence examples within New Tourism Model

Vulnerability of the Landscape as a Tool for Determining a Suitable Model of Tourism Development

Intersection of Data Science and Smart Destinations: A Systematic Review

Tourism Model sentence examples within Existing Tourism Model

Alquiler vacacional en destinos turísticos consolidados: la venganza de los actores que ya no importan

Doorway to Europe: migration and its impact on island tourism

Tourism Model sentence examples within Traditional Tourism Model

Sustainable Heritage Tourism Through Gullah Geechee Musical Performance

Research on the Optimization and Upgrading of Rural Tourism Economy Industry

Tourism Model sentence examples within Rural Tourism Model

Research for tourism development model in Cu lao Gieng – An Giang

Study on the Ecology and Optimization Strategy of Tujia Stilted Building Under the Perspective of Rural Tourism Development Taking Enshi Erguanzhai Village as an Example

Tourism Model sentence examples within Alternative Tourism Model

The Potential of Community-Based Nomadic Tourism Development: Insight from Three Case Study in Yogyakarta

The Role of Tourism in Sustainable Development

Vegetation cover analysis and ecotourism business model for sustainable forest management in Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia

El papel de la organización social local en el desarrollo del ecoturismo en México: un estudio comparativo en la Zona Maya de Quintana Roo

Indicators for Cultural and Creative Industries’ Impact Assessment on Cultural Heritage and Tourism

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Extractivismo marino-colonial. Apropiación asimétrica de recursos marinos en el golfo de California (México) siglos XVI-XXI

Development of Agroforestry-Based Ecotourism in RPH Mangunan, KPH Yogyakarta

Providing a Model of Agritourism In Rural Development Case study: Masal county, Guilan Province, Iran

Análisis del efecto Airbnb en la ciudad de Valencia. Situación actual (2020) y perspectivas de futuro / / / \ \ \ Analysis of the Airbnb effect in the city of Valencia. Current situation (2020) and future prospects

The natural resource management to support tourism: A traditional knowledge approach in Pegunungan Arfak Nature Reserve, West Papua, Indonesia

Verifying the Effectiveness of Sports Event Policies for a City’s Sustainable Growth: Focusing on the Multiple Effects

Can overtourism be managed? Destination management factors affecting residents’ irritation and quality of life

Mitigating seasonality patterns in an archipelago: the role of ecotourism

Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Melalui Ekowisata pada Desa Pesisir di Kabupaten Bintan

The management innovation of tourism enterprises under the eco-tourism model

The Crossfire Rhetoric. Success in Danger vs. Unsustainable Growth. Analysis of Tourism Stakeholders’ Narratives in the Spanish Press (2008–2019)

Identifying the sustainability indicators of overtourism and undertourism in Majorca


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Get to Know the Gastronomy of Quintana Roo from the Smoke Kitchen Model

Competitive intelligence approach for developing an e-tourism strategy post COVID-19

The Circular Economy: A Study on the Use of Airbnb for Sustainable Coastal Development in the Vietnam Mekong Delta

Telecommunication and tourism development: an island perspective

Green Tourism Model of Family Leisure and Recreation for Chinese Tour Package in Bali

An Analysis of the Tourist Mobility in the Island of Lanzarote: Car Rental Versus More Sustainable Transportation Alternatives

El desarrollo turístico en Mazatlán, México: evaluación de la sostenibilidad por medio de indicadores

Public-private partnership as an innovative approach for sustainable tourism in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Surabaya green and clean: Protecting urban environment through civic engagement community

Methods for quantifying the social and economic value of sport and active recreation: a critical review

Cambio climático y actividad turística en los espacios urbanos del interior de España: impactos sobre el modelo de aptitud climático-turística de León, Granada y Madrid

Policy Strategy Beyond Eco Tourism Development

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