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The role of top-level supportive leadership: A multilevel, trickle-down, moderating effects test in Chinese hospitality and tourism firms

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Organisational effectiveness for ethical tourism action: a phronetic perspective

“From pluri-activity to entrepreneurship: Swedish inshore commercial fisheries navigating in the service-oriented economy”

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The Impact of Social Media on the Behavior of Wine Tourists: A Typology of Power Sources

Winey Kids: Promoting Wine Tourism to People with Children

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Short-selling deregulation and corporate social responsibility of tourism industry in China

Corporate governance, technical efficiency and financial performance: Evidence from Chinese listed tourism firms

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Sustainability in the wine-tourism sector – an analysis of perceived understanding and practices implemented by firms

The co-creation of diverse values and paradigms in small values-based tourism firms

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Market Orientation on Tourism Service Performance: The Mediating Role of E-Marketing

Tourism employee pro-environmental behavior: An integrated multi-level model

Research on the Sustainable Operation of Low-Carbon Tourism Supply Chain under Sudden Crisis Prediction

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Improving Tourism Entrepreneur’s Competition during the COVID 19 Pandemic – A Case Study in Tourism Industry in Vietnam

Recontextualising gender in entrepreneurial leadership

Technology assessment: Enabling Blockchain in hospitality and tourism sectors

Millennials’ support for tourism development: the effect of market orientation by governments

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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Tourism Economy

Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on tourism: transformational potential and implications for a sustainable recovery of the travel and leisure industry

Social capital and innovativeness in firms in cultural tourism destinations: Divergent contingent factors

Kyoto Sightseeing Map 2.0 for User-Experience Oriented Tourism

Compositional DuPont Analysis. A Visual Tool for Strategic Financial Performance Assessment

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Socially responsible behaviour of Kazakhstani consumers

Exploring relationship between sustainability and firm performance in travel and tourism industry: a global evidence

How do executive pay and its gap with employee pay influence corporate performance? Evidence from Thailand tourism listed companies

A Conceptual Characterization of Value Creation in Hospitality and Tourism Firms from a Complexity Perspective

International strategies of Chinese tourism MNEs: the impact of the belt and Road Initiative and state ownership

Innovation capability and pioneering orientation in Peru’s cultural heritage tourism destinations: Conflicting environmental effects

Board diversity and firm risk-taking in the tourism sector: Moderating effects of board independence, CEO duality, and free cash flows

Effects of Business and Finance Conditions on Tourism Firms’ Financial Performances: Evidence From Major Tourist Destinations

Gestión de turismo gastronómico: identificación del mercado potencial en Canarias

Strategic responses to COVID-19: The case of tour operators in Vietnam

Global Citizenship & Parrhesia in Small Values-Based Tourism Firms

When customers like preferential recovery (and when not)?

Linking key antecedents of hotel information management system adoption to innovative work behavior through attitudinal engagement

Unlocking Policy Impediments for Service Delivery in Tourism Firms: Evidence from Small and Medium Sized Hotels in Sub-Saharan Africa

Philanthropic giving, sales growth, and tourism firm performance: An empirical test of a theoretical assumption

Social media-based visual humour use in tourism marketing: a semiotic perspective

Using multicriteria decision analysis to evaluate the effect of digital transformation on organisational performance: evidence from Greek tourism SMEs

Senior Tourism in Europe: When There Are “No Boundaries”

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Sentiment Analysis of User Responses of Tourist Services

Blockchain: a paradigm shift in business practices

Interfirm resource integration in destination contexts

Resilience to the Global Economic and Turkish (GEO)Political Crisis Compared

Entrepreneurship in tourism firms: A mixed-methods analysis of performance driver configurations

The entrepreneur–opportunity nexus: discovering the forces that promote product innovations in rural micro-tourism firms

The Impact of Online Travel Agencies Web Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intentions

Determinants of Innovation in Hotel and Travel Agency Service Industry: Impact of Information and Communication Technologies and Enterprise Readiness

Enhancing competitiveness in the tourism industry through the use of business intelligence: a literature review

Can insider trading in U.S. hospitality firms predict future returns

Corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry: evidence from seasoned equity offerings

Implementing corporate social responsibility strategies in the hospitality and tourism firms: A culture-based approach

Assessing the adoption of sustainability practices in tourism industry: Insights from a developing country

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Predicting How Trust on eWOM Influences Consumer Purchase Intentions toward Group Package Tours in Tourism Social Networks

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Tourism Firms 관광 회사

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