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Generalized Fishburn numbers and torus knots

Construction of Unknotted and Knotted Symmetric Developable Bands

Knotted topologies in the polarization state of bichromatic light

The Strong AJ Conjecture for the Figure 8 Knot

Colored HOMFLY-PT for hybrid weaving knot $\hat{W}_{3}(m,n)$

Four-dimensional aspects of tight contact 3-manifolds

Linking Numbers of Klein Links

Formality of Floer complex of the ideal boundary of hyperbolic knot complement

Conformal Villarceau Rotors

Incoherent nullification of torus knots and links

Quasi-stable quantum vortex knots and links in anisotropic harmonically trapped Bose-Einstein condensates

Modules over plane curve singularities in any ranks and DAHA

Genus one cobordisms between torus knots

A Haptic Model of Entanglement, Gauge Symmetries and Minimal Interaction Based on Knot Theory

Comparing nonorientable three genus and nonorientable four genus of torus knots

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Torus Knots 토러스 매듭

Torus Knots 토러스 매듭
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