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The impact of major life events on household asset portfolio rebalancing

How do business schools compete in Latin America? Stability and best predictors of success for the AmericaEconomia MBA Ranking

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Interrelationships between ICT, social disadvantage, and activity participation behaviour: A case of Mumbai, India

Estimation methods in the presence of corner solutions

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Can country trade flows benefit from improved corporate social responsibility ratings

How does ‘park and ride’ perform? An evaluation using longitudinal data

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Health professionals’ willingness to pay and associated factors for cervical cancer screening program at College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia

Revealing Urban Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission Characteristics and Influencing Mechanisms from the Perspective of Commuting

Is there a strategy in China’s health official development assistance to African countries?

Lenders and borrowers’ collaboration-based risk mitigation credit market: Factors influencing access to formal credit in the agricultural sector in the Benin Republic

Bank liquidity management through the issuance of bonds in the aftermath of the global financial crisis

Modeling correlation and heterogeneity in crash rates by collision types using full bayesian random parameters multivariate Tobit model.


Crop diversification and poverty reduction: The role of access to road in Niger

Does rural labor outward migration reduce household forest investment? The experience of Jiangxi, China

Gender Patterns in Labor Allocation to Avocado Production: Evidence from Kenya

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Relationships between labor migration and cropland abandonment in rural China from the perspective of village types

Entrepreneurial participation and performance: the role of financial literacy

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La curva de Engel de los hogares en Medellín, Colombia 2012-2015

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Incontinence and loneliness among Chinese older adults with multimorbidity in primary care: A cross-sectional study.

Measurement and Determinants of Quality of Life of Older Adults in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Climatic origin is unrelated to national Olympic success and specialization: an analysis of six successive games (1996–2016) using 12 dissimilar sports categories

Analysis of Gender Role in Coffee Value Chain in Jimma Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Penguatan Inklusi Keuangan pada Industri Kreatif Berskala Mikro Kecil di Sumatra Barat

Labor migration and farmland abandonment in rural China: Empirical results and policy implications.

Analysis of Influence of Intrinsic Aspect, Demography Aspect and Service of Zakat Institution toward Zakat Payment to Zakat Institution

Determinants of Export Decisions by Manufacturing Firms in Botswana

Assigning value to preparation for prostate cancer decision making: a willingness to pay analysis

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Cooperación Universidad - Empresa y su efecto sobre el Desempeño Innovador Empresarial.

Multi-home ownership and household portfolio choice in urban China

Integrated Safety and Operational Analysis of the Access Design of Managed Toll Lanes

Tenants’ land access in the rental market: evidence from northern Ethiopia

Transaction costs and land rental market participation in Malawi

Financial planning for retirement: the role of income

Comparative analysis of multiple techniques for developing and transferring safety performance functions.

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Tobit Models 토빗 모델

Tobit Models 토빗 모델
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