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TiS2 as a novel saturable absorber for a 1645 nm passively Q-switched laser

Passively Q-switched Er:YAG laser at 1645 nm with SnS2 as a novel saturable absorber

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Point defects-induced adsorption and diffusion of lithium on monolayer titanium disulfide: A first-principles study

Adsorption and diffusion of alkali metals (Li, Na, and K) on heteroatom-doped monolayer titanium disulfide.

Passive mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser pulse generation based on titanium disulfide saturable absorber

Revisiting TiS2 as a diffusion-dependent cathode with promising energy density for all-solid-state lithium secondary batteries

Optically Tuned Wide-Band Terahertz Modulation, Charge Carrier Dynamics and Photoconductivity of Femtosecond Laser Ablated Titanium Disulfide Nanosheet Devices

Zirconium disulfides as an electrode material alternative for Li-ion batteries

Solid-state ionics: The key to the discovery and domination of lithium batteries: some learnings from β-alumina and titanium disulfide

TiS2 As Negative Electrode Material for Sodium-Ion Electric Energy Storage Devices

Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Influence of Te doping in titanium dichalcogenides: LCAO calculations and Compton spectroscopy

Solvent exfoliation stabilizes TiS2 nanosheets against oxidation, facilitating lithium storage applications.

Albumin exfoliated titanium disulfide nanosheet: a multifunctional nanoplatform for synergistic photothermal/radiation colon cancer therapy

Full-cell hydride-based solid-state Li batteries for energy storage

TiS2 as negative electrode material for sodium-ion supercapattery

Mitochondria-Targeted and Resveratrol-Loaded Dual-Function Titanium Disulfide Nanosheets for Photothermal-Triggered Tumor Chemotherapy

CHAPTER 6:Organic Hierarchical Thermoelectric Materials

Expanded lithiation of titanium disulfide: Reaction kinetics of multi-step conversion reaction

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Titanium Disulfide 이황화티타늄

Titanium Disulfide 이황화티타늄
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