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Ultra-fast dynamic line-field optical coherence elastography.

Gel-Like Human Mimicking Phantoms: Realization Procedure, Dielectric Characterization and Experimental Validations on Microwave Wearable Body Sensors

Quantitative Determination of Local Density of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Used for Drug Targeting Employing Inverse Magnetomotive Ultrasound

Tailoring the size of ultrasound responsive lipid-shelled nanodroplets by varying production parameters and environmental conditions

Anthropomorphic Calcaneus Phantom for Microwave Bone Imaging Applications

Fast 3-D Velocity Estimation in 4-D Using a 62 + 62 Row–Column Addressed Array

MR relaxation properties of tissue-mimicking phantoms.

Assessment of Collaborative Robot (Cobot)-Assisted Histotripsy for Venous Clot Ablation

High-Frequency Array-Based Nanobubble Nonlinear Imaging in a Phantom and In Vivo

Evaluating the impact of melanin on spectral colouring in photoacoustic imaging

Oxygen Saturation Imaging Using LED-Based Photoacoustic System

Characterization of the transmission of structured light in scattering media

Characterization of anisotropic tissues using micro air-pulse spatial deformation spreading

Improved Ultrasound Attenuation Measurement Method for the Non-invasive Evaluation of Hepatic Steatosis Using FibroScan.

Frequency-dependent attenuation reconstruction with an acoustic reflector

Synchronous Temperature Variation Monitoring During Ultrasound Imaging and/or Treatment Pulse Application: A Phantom Study

High Data Rate Communications In Vivo Using Ultrasound

Measuring viscoelastic parameters in Magnetic Resonance Elastography: a comparison at high and low magnetic field intensity.

Dual-Illumination Ultrasound/ Photoacoustic System for Cervical Cancer imaging

Characterization of the spectral memory effect of scattering media.

A review of carotid artery phantoms for doppler ultrasound applications

Remote Evaluation of a Wireless Ultrasound Probe

Characterization of Muscle Phantom Used in Calibration of Physiotherapy Ultrasound: Measurement of Acoustic Parameters of Phantom (2020)

Real-Time Visualization of a Focused Ultrasound Beam Using Ultrasonic Backscatter

Speckle fluctuations in time-domain diffuse optics

A Cost-Efficient Multiwavelength LED-Based System for Quantitative Photoacoustic Measurements

Fabrication And Evaluation Of Simple Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms For Electrical Impedance Sensing

Ultrahigh sensitive optical coherence elastography

Acoustic characterization of tissue-mimicking materials for ultrasound perfusion imaging research.

3D Steerable Biopsy Needle with a Motorized Manipulation System and Ultrasound Tracking to Navigate inside Tissue

Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Flexible Three-Dimensional Printed Percutaneous Needle With Embedded Actuators

Micro Air-Pulse Spatial Deformation Spreading Characterizes Degree of Anisotropy in Tissues

Sub-millimetre precision of drug delivery in the brain from ultrasound-triggered nanodroplets.

A Computational Study on Temperature Variations in MRgFUS Treatments Using PRF Thermometry Techniques and Optical Probes

A novel matrix-array-based MR-conditional ultrasound system for local hyperthermia of small animals.

Empirical method for rapid quantification of intrinsic fluorescence signals of key metabolic probes from optical spectra measured on tissue-mimicking turbid medium

Time-Aligned Plane Wave Compounding Methods for High-Frame-Rate Shear Wave Elastography: Experimental Validation and Performance Assessment on Tissue Phantoms.

Clinically translatable molecular photoacoustic imaging: requirements and approaches

Multivariable Dependence of Acoustic Contrast of Fluorocarbon and Xenon Microbubbles under Flow.

Gated Transmit and Fresnel-Based Receive Beamforming With a Phased Array for Low-Cost Ultrasound Imaging

Superiorized Photo-Acoustic Non-NEgative Reconstruction (SPANNER) for Clinical Photoacoustic Imaging

Efficacy of Sonothrombolysis Using Acoustically Activated Perflutren Nanodroplets versus Perflutren Microbubbles.

Comparison of different attenuation compensation methods in the estimation of the ultrasound backscatter coefficient

A Poly-vinyl Alcohol (PVA)-based phantom and training tool for use in simulated Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) guided prostate needle biopsy procedures.

Fast Acoustic Steering via Tilting Electromechanical Reflectors (FASTER): A Novel Method for High Volume Rate 3-D Ultrasound Imaging

Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms: Dielectric Characterization and Design of a Multi-layer Substrate for Microwave Blood Glucose Monitoring

Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging Using Nondiffractive Bessel Apodized Acoustic Radiation Force.

Phase-Aberration Correction for HIFU Therapy Using a Multielement Array and Backscattering of Nonlinear Pulses

Experimental Evidence of Generation and Reception by a Transluminal Axisymmetric Shear Wave Elastography Prototype

Spatial response identification enables robust experimental ultrasound computed tomography.

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Tissue Mimicking Phantom 조직 모방 팬텀

Tissue Mimicking Phantom 조직 모방 팬텀
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