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Study of quasi-distributed optical fiber methane sensors based on laser absorption spectrometry

Research and application of temperature distributed measurement in geothermal well

Harmonic Voltage Reflection Analysis of UHF RFID Chips

Fault Location Method of Aircraft Cable Based on Spread Spectrum Time-Domain Reflection

Research on the Reflection Coefficient of Magnetic Medium in the Time-domain Ray Tracing Method

Right-Angled Coplanar Waveguide Using Short-Circuited Slotline

Signal discrimination with wavelet algorithm and Pearson correlation-based algorithm in φ-OTDR systems

Mammary tumors in Sprague Dawley rats induced by N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea for evaluating terahertz imaging of breast cancer

Acoustic characteristics and micro-distribution prediction during hydrate dissociation in sediments from the South China Sea

A Novel Variable-frequency Resonant System for Partial Discharge Detection of XLPE Cables

Aircraft Cable Fault Detection and Location Based on SSTDR

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Time Domain Reflection 시간 영역 반사

Time Domain Reflection 시간 영역 반사
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