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Time Domain Approach sentence examples within frequency domain approach

Frequency–time analysis, low-rank reconstruction and denoising of turbulent flows using SPOD

Time Domain Approach sentence examples within Difference Time Domain Approach

FDTD approach to photonic based angular waveguide for wide range of sensing application

A potential sensing mechanism for DNA nucleobases by optical properties of GO and MoS2 Nanopores

Probabilistic fatigue surrogate model of bimodal tension process for a semi-submersible platform

Use of the Cross-Spectral Density Matrix for Enhanced Passive Ultrasound Imaging of Cavitation

Target exaggeration for deep learning-based speech enhancement

Investigation of the nonlinear slamming-induced whipping response of ships using a fully-coupled hydroelastoplastic method

Full image reconstruction in frequency-domain photoacoustic microscopy by means of a low-cost I/Q demodulator.

The link between financial stress index and economic activity: prominent Granger causalities across frequencies in Luxembourg

Time series analysis for predicting Covid-19 infection using Facebook prophet model

Determination of Force Coefficients for a Submerged Rigid Breakwater under the Action of Solitary Waves

A Fast ECG Diagnosis by Using Non-Uniform Spectral Analysis and the Artificial Neural Network

Audio-Visual Speech Separation with Visual Features Enhanced by Adversarial Training

Ultra-wide sensing range plasmonic refractive index sensor based on a two-dimensional circular-hole grating engraved on a gold film

Efficient Time-Domain Approach for Linear Response Functions.

Design of an Intraoral Dipole Antenna for Dental Applications

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Temporal Dynamics of Strongly Coupled Epsilon Near-Zero Plasmonic Systems

An Evaluation of Robust Remote Reference and Parametric Magnetotelluric Transfer Function Estimation

Crude oil market and stock markets during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from the US, Japan, and Germany

Laser-induced periodic structure formation in AlN ceramic

Fast Generation of Sound Zones Using Variable Span Trade-Off Filters in the DFT-Domain

Hardware-in-The-Loop Testing of a Distance Protection Relay

JexoSim 2.0: end-to-end JWST simulator for exoplanet spectroscopy – implementation and case studies

Sine-Sweep qualification test for engine components: The choice of simulation technique

A 2.5D time-frequency domain model for railway induced soil-building vibration due to railway defects

Numerical simulation on coupled ship motions with nonlinear sloshing

Efficient Stochastic Galerkin Methods for Maxwell’s Equations with Random Inputs

Preactuated Multirate Feedforward Control for Independent Stable Inversion of Unstable Intrinsic and Discretization Zeros

Spatial Characteristics of Wideband Channels Using Leaky Coaxial Cables in Tunnel Scenario

Frequency Domain Approach

In-Line VIV Based on Forced-Vibration Tests

UWB Antenna Based Time-Domain Approach for Through the Walls Gap Estimation

Hardware Architecture for Acquisition in IRNSS Receiver using Serial Search Method

A Neural Network Based Motor Bearing Fault Diagnosis Algorithm and its Implementation on Programmable Logic Controller

Improving Emotion Identification Using Phone Posteriors in Raw Speech Waveform Based DNN

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Time Domain Approach 시간 영역 접근

Time Domain Approach 시간 영역 접근
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