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Time Dependent Properties of Concrete: A State of the Art Review

Performance of buried pipes in moving slopes under axial loading – evaluation tools

Time-dependent model for unidirectional composite with a viscoelastic matrix

Time-Dependent Properties of Sandpiles

The distinct role of the four voltage sensors of the skeletal CaV1.1 channel in voltage-dependent activation.

Glass Transition and Re-Crystallization Phenomena of Frozen Materials and Their Effect on Frozen Food Quality

Ion Channel Degeneracy, Variability, and Covariation in Neuron and Circuit Resilience.

Investigation of matrix cracking properties of engineered cementitious composites (ECCs) incorporating river sands

Spectroscopic and Photometric Monitoring of a Poorly Known Highly Luminous OH/IR Star: IRAS 18278+0931

Short and Long-term Behaviours of Bored Tunnels in Port-Said Clay

Numerical analysis of bridge deck rehabilitation by ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) overlay

Spatiotemporal isotropic-to-anisotropic meta-atoms

Representing a Digital Twin City Model Using Open Source Tools and Integrating It With Dynamic Sensor Data

Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics with the weighted ensemble method: a hybrid method improves thermodynamics and kinetics sampling

Task and Informational Constraints on Search Strategies: Testing the Idea of Convergence to Tolerant Regions.

Viscoelastic properties of wheat gluten in a molecular dynamics study

3D printing PCL/nHA bone scaffolds: exploring the influence of material synthesis techniques

Mechanisms of creep in shale from nanoscale to specimen scale

Experimental investigation on the nanoindentation viscoelastic constitutive model of quartz and kaolinite in mudstone

Load-Relaxation Characteristics of Chemical and Physical Hydrogels as Soft Tissue Mimics

A Domain-Specific Language for Modeling and Analyzing Solution Spaces for Technology Roadmapping

Data-Theoretical Synthesis of the Early Developmental Process.

A Bi-Objective Optimization Model for Coordinated Train Timetabling in Rail Transit Networks

Development of a Caramel-Based Viscoelastic Reference Material for Cutting Tests at Different Rates

Raman signatures from age-dating PuO2 since last calcination

AFM-based indentation method for measuring the relaxation property of living cells.

Inertial self-propelled particles.

Effect of viscoelastic properties of polymer and wavy shape of the CNTs on the vibrational behaviors of CNT/glass fiber/polymer plates

Fracture mechanics analysis of fibrin fibers using mesoscale and continuum level methods

Transforming RoboSim Models into UPPAAL

Engineering Method for Tailoring Electrical Characteristics in TiN/TiO x /HfO x /Au Bi-Layer Oxide Memristive Devices

Revaluation of the aging property modification factor of lead rubber bearings based on accelerated aging tests and finite element analysis

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Time Dependent Properties 시간 종속 속성

Time Dependent Properties 시간 종속 속성
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