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Discovering the Arrow of Time in Machine Learning

Co-clustering of Time-Dependent Data via the Shape Invariant Model

Cyclic loading regime considered beneficial does not protect injured and interleukin-1-inflamed cartilage from post-traumatic osteoarthritis

Human Activity Recognition through Recurrent Neural Networks for Human–Robot Interaction in Agriculture

Diesel Migration and Distribution in Capillary Fringe Using Different Spill Volumes via Image Analysis

High-throughput optofluidic screening for improved microbial cell factories via real-time micron-scale productivity monitoring.

Data Age Aware Scheduling for Wireless Powered Mobile-Edge Computing in Industrial Internet of Things

Assessing Partial Triadic Analysis with MaximumEntropy Bootstrap: an application to BES Italianeducation indicators

Oxidation of aluminum thin films protected by ultrathin MgF2 layers measured using spectroscopic ellipsometry and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Modelling the Fluorescence Optical Imaging Sequence Data of Rheumatic Hands with a 1D Hydrodynamic Flow Model

Forecasting the impact of environmental stresses on the frequent waves of COVID19

Prediction of Wax Deposits for Crude Pipelines Using Time-Dependent Data Mining

Modeling the magnetic structure of CMEs in the inner heliosphere based on data-driven time-dependent simulations of active region evolution

Fluorescence signatures of SARS CoV-2 spike S1 proteins and an human ACE-2: excitation-emission maps and fluorescence lifetimes

Decision Tree Learning with Spatial Modal Logics

Discovering the Arrow of Time in Machine Learning

Applied Feature-oriented Project Life Cycle Classification

Time and the value of data

Topological Data Analysis Approaches to Uncovering the Timing of Ring Structure Onset in Filamentous Networks

1 Correlation Between New York City Hot Spotting Policy and Mobility to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

Stock Price Prediction Based on an Energy-Efficient Spiking-LSTM Hardware Accelerator

A Survey of Topological Machine Learning Methods

Using Emerging and Extraordinary Data Sources to Improve Traffic Safety

Visualization of Multivariate Time Series pollutant variables in Malaysia

Essays in High Dimensional Time Series Analysis

Complex and thermodynamic properties of polar liquids using time domain reflectometry in Microwave frequency

Comparing groups of time dependent data using locally weighted scatterplot smoothing alpha-adjusted serial T-tests.

Periodic Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

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Time Dependent Data 시간 종속 데이터

Time Dependent Data 시간 종속 데이터
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