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Online Evolving Interval Type-2 Intuitionistic Fuzzy LSTM-Neural Networks for Regression Problems

A novel model for the prediction of long-term building energy demand: LSTM with Attention layer

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A novel finite volume method for the nonlinear two-sided space distributed-order diffusion equation with variable coefficients

A new method for analysis of constant-temperature thermal response tests

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Does powder averaging remove dispersion bias in diffusion MRI diameter estimates within real 3D axonal architectures?

The effect of liquid viscosity on sliding friction coefficient of wet granular materials

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Developing a method for time-variant reliability assessment of passive heat removal systems in nuclear power plants

Polarization Dependent Photoinduced Supramolecular Chirality in High-Performance Azo Materials

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Modeling Cell Communication with Time-Dependent Signaling Hypergraphs

Modeling Cell Communication with Time-Dependent Signaling Hypergraphs.

The Direction of Arrival Location Deception Model Counter Duel Baseline Phase Interferometer Based on Frequency Diverse Array

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Entertainment Is a Journey, Not Just a Destination

Time–outcome relationship in acute large-vessel occlusion exists across all ages: subanalysis of RESCUE-Japan Registry 2

The “Flying Intervention Team”: A Novel Stroke Care Concept for Rural Areas

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TC-MIMONet: A Learning-based Transceiver for MIMO Systems with Temporal Correlations

Cost-efficiency under inter-temporal dependence

Coal mine entry rating system: A case study

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Method for Determining the Mass Flow for Pressure Measurements of Gas Hydrates Formation in the Well

An opportunistic data dissemination for autonomous vehicles communication

Growth Mechanisms of Nano-to Micro-Sized Lead Sulfate Particles

Fractional Brownian motion with two-variable Hurst exponent

Photo-triggered Aggregation-Induced Emission and Direct Generation of 4D Soft Patterns


Proactive and AoI-aware Failure Recovery for Stateful NFV-enabled Zero-Touch 6G Networks: Model-Free DRL Approach

Time-Dependent Protective and Pro-Resolving Effects of FPR2 Agonists on Lipopolysaccharide-Exposed Microglia Cells Involve Inhibition of NF-κB and MAPKs Pathways

MS-TCN: A Multiscale Temporal Convolutional Network for Fault Diagnosis in Industrial Processes

Time-dependent rural postman problem: time-space network formulation and genetic algorithm

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Convolution and Recurrent Hybrid Neural Network for Hevea Yield Prediction

IMK/IAA MIPAS temperature retrieval version 8: nominal measurements

Chronotoxicity of Semen Strychni is associated with circadian metabolism and transport in mice.

Hit Discovery Methodology

A time-efficient convolutional neural network model in human activity recognition

Fluorescence real-time kinetics of protoporphyrin IX after 5-ALA administration in low-grade glioma.

Universal Differential Equation for Diffusion-Sorption Problem in Porous Media Flow

Two-Step Predict and Correct Non-Intrusive Parametric Model Order Reduction for Changing Well Locations Using a Machine Learning Framework

Time Dependence of Intra-fractional Motion in Spinal Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

A nomogram for cement-based rock grouting

Large deformation analysis of two-dimensional visco-hyperelastic beams and frames

Critical examination of particle swelling during wetting of ground coffee

Time and the value of data

Diffusion in Sephadex Gel Structures: Time Dependency Revealed by Multi-Sequence Acquisition over a Broad Diffusion Time Range

An Adaptive Machine Learning Framework for Behind-the-Meter Load/PV Disaggregation

Improving Classification of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Using Spacial Locality by Means of a Convolutional DNN

Reconstruction of long-term dynamics of Chernobyl-derived 137 Cs in the Upa River using bottom sediments in the Scheckino reservoir and semi-empirical modelling

Effect of wave propagation and transfer of a sensor on detected acoustic emission signal


Rock Fracture Sorptivity as Related to Aperture Width and Surface Roughness

Capillary flow in open microgrooves: bifurcations and networks.

Effects of Melting Conditions on Cerium Oxidation State and Catalytic Properties of CeO₂-P₂O5 Glass Systems.

Charge effects in dielectric films of MIS structures being under high-field injection of electrons at ionizing radiation

Deep Recurrent Survival Analysis

Critical links detection in stochastic networks: application to the transport networks

Macroevolutionary diversification rates show time dependency

An Attention-aware Bidirectional Multi-residual Recurrent Neural Network (Abmrnn): A Study about Better Short-term Text Classification

Value of 3T craniocervical magnetic resonance imaging following nonfatal strangulation

Abstract 1285A: Erythropoietin can cancelchemo-resistances viadown regulation of ABC transporters

Timing it right: Non-consumptive effects on prey recruitment magnify overtime

Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, Target Occupancy, and Concentration‐QT Analysis of the Novel BTK Inhibitor Evobrutinib in Healthy Volunteers

Association Between Pembrolizumab-related Adverse Events and Treatment Outcome in Advanced Melanoma: Results From the Dutch Expanded Access Program

Precipitation Forecast Contribution Assessment in the Coupled Meteo-hydrological Models

Flame kernel evolution and shock wave propagation with laser ignition in ethanol-air mixtures

Reconstructing the population history of the sandy beach amphipod Haustorioides japonicus using the calibration of demographic transition (CDT) approach

Efficient representation of invariant manifolds of periodic orbits in the crtbp

Influence of Machine Geometry to the PMSM Mathematical Model

The Max Planck Institute Grand Ensemble - Enabling the Exploration of Climate System Variability

Intrinsic Time-Tunable Emissions in Core-Shell Upconverting Nanoparticle Systems.

Modelling and Analysis of Rails on Viscoelastic Foundation Under a Moving Load

Vibration and Buckling of Microstructure-Dependent Timoshenko MicroBeams and Finite Element Implementations with R

Long-term distribution and migration of 137Cs in a small lake ecosystem with organic-rich catchment: A case study of Lake Vorsee (Southern Germany).