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Navigation Algorithm Based on the Boundary Line of New & Old Soil Using Improved Anti-Noise Morphology

Navigation Algorithm Based on the Boundary Line of Tillage Soil Combined with Guided Filtering and Improved Anti-Noise Morphology

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Retention of eucalyptus harvest residues reduces soil compaction caused by deep subsoiling

Do ARMA Models Provide Better Gap Filling in Time Series of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture? The Case of Arable Land in the Kulunda Steppe, Russia

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Navigation Algorithm Based on the Boundary Line of New & Old Soil Using Improved Anti-Noise Morphology

Navigation Algorithm Based on the Boundary Line of Tillage Soil Combined with Guided Filtering and Improved Anti-Noise Morphology

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Applying the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Approach to Predict the Tractive Performance of an Agricultural Tractor during Semi-Deep Tillage

No-tillage and noninversion tillage comparisons across wheat nitrogen rates in Alabama

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Nitrous oxide emissions and maize yield as influenced by nitrogen fertilization and tillage operations in upland soil

The Effects of Tillage-Induced Soil Disturbanceon Soil Quality

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Optimal design and analysis of oscillatory mechanism for agricultural tillage operation

Kinematic Analysis of Bionic Vibratory Tillage Subsoiler

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Soil Carbon Sequestration through Agronomic Management Practices

Review on Impacts of Land Degradation on Agricultural Production in Ethiopia

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Optimizing Nitrogen Recommendations for Tillage and Corn Residue Management in Irrigated Wheat, Southern Iran

Tillage Practices and Rabi Crops Affect Energetics of Rainfed Rice-Based Cropping System of Chhattisgarh

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Ground Cover Management in Olive Groves Reduces Populations of Philaenus spumarius (Hemiptera: Aphrophoridae), Vector of Xylella fastidiosa

Can reduced tillage buffer the future climate warming effects on maize yield in different soil types of West Africa?

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Resource conservation technology for sustainable productivity of intensive rice-based cropping pattern in Bangladesh

50 years of continuous no-tillage, stubble retention and nitrogen fertilization enhanced macro-aggregate formation and stabilisation in a Vertisol

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Exploring the best tillage option in rice based diversified cropping systems in alluvial soil of eastern India

Quantification of resilience metrics as affected by conservation agriculture at a watershed scale

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The Effects of Soil Compaction and Different Tillage Systems on the Bulk Density and Moisture Content of Soil and the Yields of Winter Oilseed Rape and Cereals

Dependence of tractor inactivity working time on field size during tillage

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The effects of tillage on seed-soil contact and seedling establishment

Experimental Investigation of Traction Power Transfer Indices of Farm-Tractors for Efficient Energy Utilization in Soil Tillage and Cultivation Operations

Draft measurement of five tyne duck foot plough in clay soil

Development and Performance Evaluation of a Two-Wheel Tractor Mounted Conservation Tillage Trencher for Sugarcane

Modeling the Effects of Crop Rotation and Tillage on Sugarbeet Yield and Soil Nitrate Using RZWQM2

Effects of conventional versus no-tillage systems on the population dynamics of elaterid pests and the associated damage at establishment of maize crops

Tractor-Implement Tillage Depth Control Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)

Tracing Non-point Source Sediment Using Environmental Forensic Approach: Case Study in Kelantan River Basin, Malaysia

Modeling of soil tillage techniques based on four cropping seasons

Tillage Systems Affecting Rice-Wheat Cropping System

Soil water retention dynamics in a Mollisol during a maize growing season under contrasting tillage systems

The intersection of integrated pest management and soil quality in the resistant weed era

Seed germination ecology of Sumatran fleabane (Conyza sumatrensis) in relations to various environmental parameters

Soil Tillage and Crop Growth Effects on Surface and Subsurface Runoff, Loss of Soil, Phosphorus and Nitrogen in a Cold Climate

Spatial and Temporal Variability in Suspended Sediment Yield for two tropical mountain catchments draining into the Southern Ethiopian Rift Valley.

Bionic Design of Sandfish (Scincus scincus) Head Inspired Subsoiler Tine and Its Performance Evaluation by DEM

A plot study on the effects of water eroded channels on tillage translocation

Comparison of energy inputs and energy efficiency for maize in a long-term tillage experiment under Pannonian climate conditions

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Agrotechnical and Energy Performance of Tillage Tools

Energy expenditure measured for various tillage practices for various speeds of operation at different depths of cut in two different soil types

TOQO: A new Tillage Operations Quality Optimization model based on parallel and dynamic Decision Support System


Improving the durability of tillage tools through surface modification—a review

Micro and Macro (Organisms) and Their Contributions to Soil Fertility

Mid-Term Effects of Conservative Soil Management and Fruit-Zone Early Leaf Removal Treatments on the Performance of Nerello Mascalese (Vitis vinifera L.) Grapes on Mount Etna (Southern Italy)

Vertical distribution of soil properties and organic carbon under different land use systems in saline soils of Bangladesh

Estimation of Soil Surface Roughness Using Stereo Vision Approach

A practical effort to equip tractor-implement with fuzzy depth and draft control system

Agricultural Mechanization Status for Some Crops in Irrigated Sector in River Nile State, Sudan

Studies on Bio-chemical Changes in Dry Root Rot (Macrophomina phaseolina) Infected Plants of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)

Estimation of tractor wheel slippage with different tire pressures for 4wd and 2wd driving systems

Tillage Effects on Agronomic Crop Production

LiDAR-Based 3D Scans of Soil Surfaces and Furrows in Two Soil Types

Noise exposure to tractor drivers in field operations

Feasibility of implementation of intelligent simulation configurations based on data mining methodologies for prediction of tractor wheel slip

Comparison of Energy Used and Effects on Bulk Density and Yield by Tillage Systems in a Semiarid Condition of Mexico

Advancing cover cropping in temperate integrated weed management.

A new method to analyse the soil movement during tillage operations using a novel digital image processing algorithm

Influence of Different Heat Units and Supplementary Irrigation on Barley Production Under Matruh Conditions-Egypt

Tillage and Cover Crop Effects on Weed Seed Persistence: Do Light Exposure and Fungal Pathogens Play a Role?

Tillage and Crop Production

Soil biotreatment effectiveness for reducing global warming potential from main polluting tillage operations in life cycle assessment phase.