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Interpreting the Impact of a Professional Development Program: Views of Entrepreneur Fellows from Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda One Year Later

Researching, co-creating and testing innovations in paper-based health information systems (PHISICC) to support health workers’ decision-making: protocol of a multi-country, transdisciplinary, mixed-methods research programme in three sub-Saharan countries

Assessing the opportunities and challenges facing the development of off-grid solar systems in Eastern Africa: The cases of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda

Researching, Co-creating and Testing Innovations in Paper Health Information Systems (PHISICC) to Support Health Workers Decision-making: Protocol of a Multi-country, Transdisciplinary, Mixed-methods Research Programme in Three Sub-saharan Countries

Does Firm Age Affect Learning-by-Exporting? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Modelling of environmental emission in Kenyan, Rwandan, and Tanzanian electrical power systems

Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration from Theory to Practice: Three Demonstrative Case Studies of Local Land Administration Initiatives in Africa

Optimal sizing of Solar Home Systems: Charge controller technology and its influence on system design

Exploring the opportunities and constraints to the development of locally applicable water management technology in three sub-Saharan African cities

Prevalence of clinical signs of possible serious bacterial infection and mortality associated with them from population-based surveillance of young infants from birth to 2 months of age

Knowledge and Practice Related to COVID-19 and Mental Health among Adults in Sub-Saharan Africa

Is it still a man’s world? Social media news use and gender inequality in online political engagement

From fathers to peers: Association between paternal violence victimization and peer violence perpetration among youth in Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia.

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Three Sub Saharan 쓰리 사하라 사막

Three Sub Saharan 쓰리 사하라 사막
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